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AI based video asset tracking

Damian Browarnik
1 min read

Finding an edge in understanding the power of - and robustly tracking - online video assets is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving sports content market.

Research shows that 65 percent of sports fans watch content on their smartphone, more than half use a laptop or desktop computer to consume video and nearly four in ten turn to their tablets (Grabyo 2019 Sports Video Trends Report).

Online content is now king. However, this new environment makes it prone to piracy and trickier to value and analyse.

Thankfully, rights holders and content owners can gain a double advantage by using the same analytical tools to slash losses from piracy and unlock value through greater clarity of engagement and usage.

AI tracking technology pioneered by Videocites, one of the latest startups to join the Infront Labs stable, has been shown to reduce the number of illegal views of pirated copies of live premium sports content by more than 90 percent. It also helped organisers of the Men's EHF EURO 2020 accurately measure the usage of all digital content produced during the tournament, which produced record online engagement.


So how does it work?

Original video is marked using Videocites’ ultralight video ID fingerprinting technology, enabling key elements to be detected across all platforms. Metadata and fingerprint databases are created to index all related videos. A search using the ultralight ID against these databases then identifies all available copies of the content online.

The tool enables unprecedented levels of usage tracking, a deeper understanding of earned media value and also tackles piracy across all platforms. It is immune to all existing sports content piracy tricks and captures partial and full duplications of identical or manipulated videos.

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Beyond the considerable savings from reducing piracy, the ability to immediately track all copies of live, on-demand and promotional content gives rights holders and creators smarter insight into consumer behaviour than traditional analytics as well as more detailed information for sponsors about the impact of their investment.

That means content can be tailored more closely to the needs of its audience and in more effective ways for brands.

Thanks to Videocites' robust video assets tracking tech, it is now possible to protect and enhance the value of online video assets at the same time.