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Case Study

B2Run - Building the leading corporate running series

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When Infront acquired the corporate running series B2Run, it took place in just a few cities in Germany. Within two years, the series had expanded to multiple locations in its home country, as well as to other nations. In 2018, up to 40 runs are planned in eight countries, with hundreds of thousands taking part in unique events which create a fun and active environment and so build healthy and collaborative communities.

An international running series and special corporate event

B2Run is now Europe’s largest corporate running series, with up to 40 separate events planned for 2018. After an initial international expansion to Switzerland in 2015, the series launched in Portugal, Spain and Romania in 2016. And in 2018, new events are planned in the Netherlands, Poland and South Africa.

Each event is a run of around six kilometres and finishes in a unique venue - often a huge stadium. The result is a welcoming and fun corporate activity, with colleagues building both team spirit and fitness. B2Run is suited to experienced athletes, amateur runners and beginners alike, and makes running a truly collective activity. Colleagues become teammates and training partners, motivating and inspiring one another and building a sense of community that endures even once the race is over.

For employers, meanwhile, the series can be an important means of caring for employees and building wellbeing. B2Run supports people to be active together. Start-ups, large corporations and every size of the company in between has found that taking part in a run creates lasting team bonds.

The welcoming nature of B2Run extends to its recognition of the wealth of runners’ achievements. Prizes are awarded for everything from fastest company to fastest boss to most creative team during a fun after-run party.

Around 230,000 people now take part in a B2Run each year. In 2017, for the first time, runners from international events also attended the German B2Run final. Each country decided on a way of choosing its ‘All Star’ – from the fastest runner, to the captain of the biggest team – to be at the final, which took place in Cologne.

Indeed, while Infront has worked to ensure a consistent identity across the series, licensees are granted the freedom to create events which suit the nation in which it will take place. The aim is now to expand to even more countries, and build international commercial partnerships, bringing the benefits of B2Run to even more people.


  • Establishing a series which now attracts 230,000 participants in eight countries
  • Pioneering the concept of corporate running, such that B2Run is now Europe’s largest corporate running series
  • Attracting a range of national commercial partners to support the events