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Sustainability Join us in shaping the future of sports

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The world is experiencing unprecedented change: Global health risks, increasing inequalities, and climate change pose existential risks for society, economy, and the environment. This puts the world of sports at a tipping point as well.

As a global leader in shaping the future of sports, Infront acknowledges its shared responsibility for this planet and its people. We believe, sport is a unifying force that can create worldwide alliances to lead the way to a more sustainable development. But equally, we must do our part as well.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations serve as a framework for us in this regard. We want contribute our share to create meaningful impact on the 2030 Agenda and shape a sustainable sports ecosystem.


Our engagement for environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in and through sports is long and deeply rooted in our organisation. We cluster our activities along five strategic focus areas. Here, we want to further bundle our strengths and achieve measurable progress in the future. In each focus area, we have defined specific targets that you can read in our Sustainability Report 2022. 

  • Focus area: Climate change
    Focus area: Sports ecosystem

    Infront is a global leader in shaping the future of sports. The resilience of our business model is vital for development and innovation in the sports ecosystem, and we are aware that it also depends on our capacity to integrate political, social, and environmental transitions into our long-term business planning.

    Our targets from 2023 to 2025
    • Enhance internal knowledge on ESG and Infront's material topics.

    • Improve internal ESG governance and process.

    • Maintain active stakeholder dialogue and regularly evaluate participation in relevant sustainability networks.

    • Develop employee engagement framework.

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    Focus area: Integrity
  • Focus area: Sports ecosystem
    Focus area: Integrity

    Integrity is one of our core values. We strive to live up to our Code of Conduct and continuously identify ways to improve and develop our corporate culture and compliance.

    Our targets from 2023 to 2025
    • Encourage staff to seek guidance on ethical questions or concerns and report any suspected violations or concerns. 

    • Annual ISO re-certification of compliance management system.

    • Maintain 100% completion rate in online compliance trainings. 

    • Conduct due diligence analysis of child labour risks in supply chain in 2023 (required by the Swiss Code of Obligations).

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    Focus area: Health
  • Focus area: Integrity
    Focus area: Health

    Health is at our focus. We are keen to share our passion for sports and an active, healthy lifestyle. Our various participation sport events promote public health by being inclusive, motivating and truly inspiring.

    Our targets from 2023 to 2025
    • Establish a regular employee campaign to promote a holistic healthy lifestyle (body, mind, soul). 

    • Increase participants in Active Lifestyle events by at least 5% on average per year. 

    • Increase roll-out of XLETIX Kids events to promote an active lifestyle for family and kids.

    • Evaluate public-private partnerships and/or campaign support around the Active Lifestyle portfolio to promote public health.

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    Focus area: Inclusive growth
  • Focus area: Health
    Focus area: Inclusive growth

    Inclusive growth is key. We know that our strength comes from our differences. Infront is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit, work, and compete in sports.

    Our targets from 2023 to 2025
    • Extend Infront headquarters' equal pay analysis to all Infront locations. 

    • Run pilot project in employee volunteering and evaluate use case for international roll out.

    • Increase training to foster inclusive growth both within the Infront Group and the industry. 

    • Conduct in-depth qualitative and quantiative analysis on available data with focus on hiring, retention and career development in selected key markets to identify potential improvement measures (initial focus on gender diversity aspects).

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    Focus area: Climate change
  • Focus area: Inclusive growth
    Focus area: Climate change

    Climate change is jeopardizing our business, our health, and lives. We aim at reducing our environmental footprint in own operations and, together with our partners, along the sports value chain.

    Our targets from 2023 to 2025
    • Continuously enhance the data basis of our corporate carbon footprint and close existing data gaps (including event footprints). 

    • Systematically optimise energy efficient office infrastructure and related employee awareness.

    • Assess next steps towards emission reduction and Infront's position on a long term Net Zero goal.

    • Further engage in an industry dialogue to orchestrate the collective effort on climate action and better understand climate change issues in the context of sports. Review participations in industry climate action frameworks and/or industry dialogue groups.

    • Support clients and partners in their attempt to undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility through their respective sports, events and sponsorship engagements.

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    Focus area: Sports ecosystem


Sports commercially supported
Athletes joining our participation sports events each year
ISO certifications obtained
TV Professionals trained by the HBS Broadcast Academy
Female employees
CO2 offset from the B2Run running series


  • Infront Group Sustainability Report 2022
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