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Creating a healthy and engaging work environment through sport

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It might be shocking to learn, but we’re quite keen on sport. You’ll be even more surprised that we use sport to engage our employees. Unbelievable. “Sports company likes using sport to bring together workforce”.

However, despite working on some of the world’s biggest sports events, we face the same challenges many organisations do: How can we encourage our colleagues to maintain a healthy and engaging work environment? We know it’s vital for keeping everyone happy, productive, and well. We know mixing in sports and wellness initiatives can unite teams globally, leading to better engagement and a healthier lifestyle. But how do you do this, especially for a team spread across almost 20 countries?

For us, work isn’t just a job. It’s about being positive, encouraging teamwork, a well-balanced lifestyle and embracing the same mindset athletes do in sport. We tackle challenges with fair play, always aiming higher and knowing that everyone can make a difference. As a sports company, we’re all about supporting an active lifestyle and caring for our employees' health and wellbeing. These principles are essential for a healthy work environment and work-life balance. They also form a major part of our Sustainability Report, with health being one of the five pillars featured.

Here are some ways we’ve recently tried to solve that challenge and show just how committed we are to making our workplace dynamic and inclusive.

#AllAboutUs – Combining technology, sport, and competition for employee engagement

Just like many other organisations, we need to find ways to plug our values into everything we do. Having a positive mindset, being united, and taking initiative are just three of those, and the #AllAboutUs challenge was our answer.

The main goal was to get employees involved in fun challenges that promote a balanced lifestyle. We focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental balance, and teamwork. By joining in, employees improved their health and unity within the company, aligning with our commitment to wellbeing.

Using sport to inspire and motivate, participants earned points for health and wellness tasks. This made the challenge fun and built a culture of resilience. An app provided real-time feedback and encouragement, making the whole experience dynamic and supportive.

The results were impressive: more exercise, healthier eating, better sleep, and improved focus among participants.

The challenge saw 218 participants from 32 teams, with 73% of them reporting daily. Throughout the challenge, 357 photos were posted, garnering 2,843 likes and 554 comments. Participants logged 4,734 hours of exercise, averaging 70 minutes per report, and consumed 9,131 healthy meals, which accounted for 75% of all main meals. They also consumed 1,584 kg of vegetables, 6,650 pieces of fruit, and 9,189 pieces of greens. Snack consumption decreased by 36%, and coffee intake dropped by 24%. Participants increased their gratitude from week one to week five by 16%, using words like "family," "friends," and "work" in their daily reports. Mindfulness increased by 11%, with 2,789 sessions focused on mental wellbeing. Body age improved significantly, with participants ending the challenge 2.9 years younger than their real age on average, recovering a total of 385 years collectively. Additionally, the average participant gained an extra 3.6 years of life expectancy.

The #AllAboutUs challenge was a powerful tool for embedding our values and fostering a healthy work environment. In a world where it’s easy to become disconnected from colleagues, having methods like this to promote a more social workplace that helps improve both physical and mental health is vital.

The Nations Cup – Uniting our global team through sport

The Nations Cup is a highlight for us, bringing together staff from all over the world for a day of fun and competition. The main football competition has always been hotly contested across all ten editions and offers the victor not only one of the game’s most coveted pieces of silverware but also the ultimate bragging rights for the year. It is also joined by other sports like table tennis so everyone can join in.

The 2024 edition, held at TSV 1860 München & Sechzger Alm, once again built a sense of community and fun among employees

For any organisation, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork is crucial for long-term success. The Nations Cup is a prime example of how sports can break down geographical and departmental barriers, creating a more connected and collaborative workforce. By encouraging employees to engage in friendly competition and shared activities, organisations can enhance team spirit, improve communication and build mutual respect among staff. These benefits translate into a more motivated and productive workforce, as employees feel more engaged and valued. The Nations Cup showcases how integrating sport into corporate culture can drive employee engagement and foster a positive work environment that supports organisational goals.

Celebrating our achievements

These sorts of initiatives are designed to help bring us together as a team. However, receiving recognition that we are one of the top places in sport to work underlines why they are so important. That’s why we were thrilled to be named one of the top four most attractive employers in sport and the second most attractive sports marketing agency by iWorkinSport. This recognition reflects our strong culture and values.

Over 1,600 people from more than 100 countries took part in the survey, mostly those already working in sport. Being named one of the top three employers for women and one of the top three sports marketing agencies for young professionals highlights our commitment to an inclusive and supportive workplace. For more insight, you can download the full iWorkinSport report here.

Our culture drives our success, and our values are at the core of everything we do. Thanks to everyone who helped us become one of the best places to work in sport.

iworkinsport award show

Creating a healthy and engaging work environment is essential for a positive workplace culture and employee wellbeing. Through initiatives like the #AllAboutUs challenge, the Nations Cup, and our iWorkinSport recognition, we show our commitment to these values. By integrating sports and wellness into our culture, we not only boost engagement but also create a dynamic and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

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