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#AllAboutUs: Boosting employee engagement through digital health and wellbeing

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When we launched our first digital health and wellbeing challenge in 2021, we never imagined that our employees would collectively exercise enough hours to play nearly 4,900 football matches. It gave us an opportunity to witness first-hand how these initiatives substantially improve not just individual lifestyles but also our collective workplace dynamics. This year, with the return of Infront’s #AllAboutUs challenge, we are taking it even further.

Why we did it then and why it’s back: Strategic goals and organisational benefits

Our commitment to this challenge aligns seamlessly with our strategic goals and values, particularly advocating a healthy lifestyle as well as showing unity as an organisation. It also helps enhance employee retention and attract top talent. We believe that prospective employees increasingly seek workplaces that offer more than just a salary; they crave environments that support both personal and professional growth. By prioritising health and wellbeing, we aim to retain valued team members and attract skilled professionals who share our commitment to a thriving corporate culture.

Step back to 2021: What we achieved then

In 2021, our five-week challenge set a high benchmark, with participants logging over 7,307 hours of exercise and consuming 2,559 kg of fruits and vegetables, for example. Our employees also dedicated 1,194 hours to mindfulness practices, contributing to an enhanced mental balance and fostering a greater appreciation for life's positives.

These statistics underscore a significant boost in both physical and mental health, leading to increased employee engagement and motivation, which are critical in transforming our organisational culture.

The feedback we received from employees was positive, and focusing on key areas helped them make the most of it. This included:

  • Diversified weekly challenges: Each week brought a new focus, keeping the challenge fresh and engaging. This can be mindfulness, mental health or even nutrition.
  • App functionality: Providing an app and digital tools thanks to our partners Seven Peaks enhanced user experience, making tracking and participation seamless.
  • Ongoing recognition: There was a focus on celebrating more individual and team achievements, recognising everyone's efforts and successes.

Engaging employees globally through digital innovation

At the heart of our health and wellness challenge is the innovative use of digital tools and gamification. The dedicated app keeps the experience engaging, serving as a hub for tracking activities, participating in themed challenges, and fostering constant communication among team members. This gamified approach has been essential in sustaining motivation and making the journey both enjoyable and rewarding.

The challenge's impact on lifestyle and wellbeing is profound. By focusing on key areas such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health, the program encourages employees to adopt healthier habits that are sustainable long-term. The personalisation of daily goals through the initial health assessment ensures that every employee can start from their own level, making the challenge inclusive and accessible.

Building on our supportive community

Beyond individual health benefits, the challenge strengthens community and teamwork. As employees participate in activities, share achievements and celebrate their efforts, they build stronger bonds and a supportive network within the workplace, which is crucial for an inclusive company culture that values every individual's contribution.

Nurturing a culture of health and engagement

As we continue to build on the successes of our digital challenge, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a workplace that prioritises our employees’ wellbeing and work life balance. This initiative is not just about promoting better health habits; it’s about cultivating a culture that values resilience, teamwork, and personal growth.

This exploration of our digital health and wellbeing challenge demonstrates how a thoughtfully designed initiative can have far-reaching effects on employee engagement and organisational culture. By focusing on both the achievements and the forward path, we highlight our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and healthy workplace.