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Insights Unveiled: B2Run’s holistic approach to health and employer branding

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B2Run, the innovative corporate running series, had a remarkable rebound post COVID-19 with 260,000 participants in the DACH region during 2023. At the heart of Europe’s biggest running series lies the focus on a healthy lifestyle and strong sense of community.

Staying connected

Navigating an evolving business landscape demands continuous effort and strategic adjustments, rather than relying on singular moments of success. B2Run's journey in 2023 reflects this and is built upon consistent actions and adaptability over time.

The challenges of 2020 and 2021, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, disrupted traditional events, posing unprecedented obstacles. Despite this, B2Run remained committed to nurturing relationships with business clients. “We maintained close and regular communication, ensuring that our relationships stayed strong even when physical gatherings were off the table. These efforts were not merely transactional; they were an investment in trust and resilience”, says Christian Koesters, Managing Director at Infront B2Run GmbH.

Fostering positive moments and experiences

As events cautiously resumed in 2022, B2Run intensified efforts to reconnect with former clients, acknowledging the natural hesitations many had amidst the continuing pandemic. Addressing safety concerns head-on, they assured clients of prioritising their well-being, paving the way for successful re-engagement.

In 2023, B2Run elevated its standards, delivering exceptional events designed to inspire and connect participants. From virtual conferences to hybrid workshops, they adapted to the changing landscape, resulting in a significant increase in participant numbers, reaching pre-COVID levels.

Recognising the shift in work dynamics towards remote setups, B2Run emphasised fostering team cohesion through meaningful interactions. Evolving their communication strategy, they curated experiences to create positive moments, bridging the gap between isolation and connection. These efforts cultivated a sense of togetherness, vital in navigating the challenges of remote work.

A healthier workforce, a stronger brand

The result is a welcoming and fun corporate activity, with colleagues building both team spirit and fitness. Meanwhile for employers, the series can be an important means of caring for employees and building wellbeing. B2Run supports people to be active together and is suited to experienced athletes, amateur runners, and beginners alike, and makes running a truly collective activity. Colleagues become teammates and training partners, motivating, inspiring one another, and building a sense of community that endures even once the race is over.

Start-ups, large corporations, and every size of company in between have found that taking part in a run creates lasting team bonds. One example is UPS, which has been an official supplier for B2Run since 2019. In addition to showcasing its service quality to the approximately 10,000 companies participating annually in B2Run, hundreds of UPS's own employees take part in the runs across Germany and Switzerland. This promotes team building, motivation, internal networking, and physical activity. Notably, the active participation of UPS employees in B2Run events has increased over the years, reflecting growing engagement and enthusiasm.

Commitment to growth and innovation

Looking ahead, two trends stand out: employer branding and employee health and fitness. These aren’t mere buzzwords; they’re critical components of organisational success. B2Run’s commitment to holistic well-being—both physical and emotional—has elevated their organisational culture and strengthened their brand. At Infront, we anticipate a positive, growing market for sportive corporate team-events.

Christian adds: “As we step into the future, we carry forward the lessons learned during the pandemic. Our actions today shape the triumphs of tomorrow. We’ll continue to prioritise health, foster connections, and build a resilient workforce — one positive moment at a time.”

In 2024, B2Run is introducing new services, including a photo-service collaboration with Sportograf for 12 of their events. Additionally, they’re exploring opportunities to expand the B2Run series in Germany. And there’s a fresh addition to their portfolio — the MOPO Team-Staffellauf, a thrilling company relay race in Hamburg.