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Integrity is one of Infront’s core values and a driver in every decision and action we take. Not only do we commit to comply with all laws and regulations, as well as to behave in accordance with high ethical standards, but we aim to run and grow our business in a sustainable and conscious manner. Therefore, Infront implemented a compliance management system in 2012 and is continuously improving and developing it to meet every new challenge and expectation.

Code of Conduct

The Infront Code of Conduct states the expectations Infront has as an employer towards employees and sets forth the standards for business behaviour that apply throughout the Infront Group.

Speak Up

In spite of this commitment, you may one day observe conduct that concerns you, or that seems to violate Infront's Code of Conduct and/or its policies. You are encouraged to speak up if you observe or suspect such misconduct.

In case of questions related to Infront's Compliance Management System, please use our contact form to get in touch with the Group Compliance Desk.