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Case Study

IBU World Cup Biathlon marketing platform re-defined

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In 2014, the IBU World Cup Biathlon marketing platform was re-defined by Infront: A revised sponsorship concept, a premium visual appearance and indirect illuminated LED advertising solutions were introduced. The result optimised impact for sponsors and provided a stronger and more consistent look and feel to the events.

Continuous improvement for sponsor benefit

Following the previous re-invention of the IBU platform in 2006, the time had come to raise the benchmark and re-define the platform. Infront’s revised concept included a streamlined marketing hierarchy, clear and transparent allocation of sponsor brands in TV camera view and the first-ever use of illuminated LED advertising in winter sports. In addition, a new brand identity for the series and an improved venue dressing system ensured a consistent look and feel for all events. Sponsors could anticipate a more powerful environment, leading to greater exposure, fan engagement and activation.

Re-defining a premium series

By enhancing the premium character of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon events, Infront created even more appeal for top international brands to associate their products and services. A new logo symbolised the five targets as a key element of the biathlon sport. This, together with the enhanced visual identity, was rolled out across all BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon events and included each Local Organising Committee’s unique composite logo, aligning their event consistently with the overall series. The streamlined sponsorship concept introduced a reduced number of partner packages and a maximum of two banner sponsors visible in TV camera view at any one time, resulting in more exclusivity and exposure. Finally, the innovative and first-of-its-kind illuminated advertising at the start and finish installations, as well as the illuminated solutions at the shooting range and selected key course positions, ensured ideal visibility of sponsor messages across all venues, regardless of weather and light conditions.


  • The new brand identity enhanced the premium character of the events
  • Innovative illuminated advertising solutions marked a true first in winter sports
  • Sponsor exclusivity and greater exposure led to higher media value and stronger impact
  • Infront could prolong with the six sponsors that had been on board at least since 2010 or longer