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White Paper

Live sport behind closed doors: Leading transition in a post-lockdown world



The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global sport in an unprecedented way. The current lockdown has caused a complete cessation of all sports events in most countries. The sports ecosystem is suffering heavily. Fans and sport enthusiasts across the world are missing an outlet that brings them joy and excitement - and keeps people physically and mentally fulfilled.

As lockdown restrictions are slowly eased, the sports world faces the prospect of spectator-less events and limited operations for some time to come, as can be witnessed already in countries reopening in Asia.

This white paper outlines the challenges and opportunities for the industry as sport resumes around the world, with a specific focus on rights holders, broadcasters, sponsors and brands.

The key areas explored:
  1. Broadcast production;
  2. Fan engagement;
  3. Venue Advertising;
  4. Esports


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