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Why sports organisations should embrace OTT channels

Jerome Katz
2 min read

Sports are undergoing a reformation, with content, and methods of delivering content to fans, playing a leading role.  This includes  Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms which are providing sports organisations with another means to connect directly with fans and build passionate communities.

With OTT, sports rights holders and content creators can deliver personalised content, tailor-made for fans' interests. Think interactive features, behind-the-scenes access, and a thriving online community where fans can connect and share their love for the game.

OTT platforms are redefining the way fans experience matchday - and every other day. Keep supporters engaged, excited, and right in the heart of the action. 

Beyond the broadcast: ignite next level of fan engagement

Here's the game plan: build your own OTT platform, a vibrant online hub where fans can connect, celebrate, and dive deeper into their passion for the game. This could include personalised content feeds, interactive features, on-demand viewing options for games throughout the season, interviews and more – all tailored to keep your supporters glued to their devices.

This isn't about kicking television out the door. Products such as Stream Engine work alongside traditional broadcasting, expanding the possibilities for engagement. New data analysis will provide a better understanding of fans, targeted advertising can boost revenue, and sleek tools will manage it all.  No more tech headaches –  simplify the process and focus on creating truly unique fan experiences.

Opportunities for innovation

By owning your own OTT, you open up a wider set of opportunities. Features such as interactive timelines allow fans to skip ahead - or go back - to watch important moments of past games and payment and paywall options let fans decide which subscriptions are right for them based on price and content. 

Video and data widgets allow you to work with partners to easily increase your reach, and put your content in front of more eyeballs but sharing it on more digital channels.

As the channel and content owner, you can stream your content anywhere you want based on the type of content and existing media rights agreements. This means you can tap into new audiences in dark markets, where games weren't previously available to potential new fans. Taking it a step further, you can bring fans from around the world closer to your team or league by offering behind the scenes content. These are fans who may never set foot in your venue, and the extra content allows them to get to know your organisation better than they previously had.

By owning the OTT, you, and your fans, get to truly call the shots. 

Future trends in OTT

OTT platforms are the future of fan engagement, offering a treasure trove of tools to keep your supporters glued to their devices.

Embrace the revolution. Immerse fans with cutting-edge tech, foster a thriving online community, and create personalised experiences that keep them coming back for more.  

The future is here, are you ready to play?

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