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EHF "Dare to Rise" documentary example of enhanced sports content offering for rightsholders and fans

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As the sports broadcasting landscape continues to evolve, the Machineseeker EHF Champions League is not just keeping pace but setting the tempo. The recently unveiled documentary, "Dare to Rise" – created in collaboration with Infront Productions – offers a fresh perspective on the TruckScout24 EHF FINAL4 2023, taking fans behind the scenes of Europe’s top club handball event.

But what does content like this mean for rightsholders?

A fresh perspective for fans and rightsholders

As we discussed in our recent blog post, "Pushing the Boundaries in Sports Content Production", the realm of sports broadcasting has expanded beyond traditional game footage. This documentary offers rightsholders and fans a unique and engaging form of content that goes beyond the court, following a blueprint for the future of sports content production.

“Dare to Rise” aligns perfectly with the trend of taking fans behind the scenes, offering unique angles on their favourite athletes. This captivating film follows four protagonists from the four teams that qualified for this year's EHF FINAL4.

For rightsholders, this opens new avenues for sponsorship opportunities and fan engagement, extending the reach beyond traditional broadcast experiences to social media platforms. It offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting, providing fresh and engaging content that resonates with both fans and stakeholders in the industry.

The documentary has been picked up by 12 broadcast partners across Europe and will also be available on EHF's YouTube channel and ehfTV, in addition to Infront's own OTT platform, Handball-Kanalen.TV.