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The fan journey: A deep dive into customer experience in the sports industry

Maayan Weinheber
2 min read


In today's highly competitive sports industry, organisations are constantly seeking ways to engage with fans and enhance their overall experience at every touchpoint (apps, social media, streaming, in-venue and so forth). One critical aspect of this process is understanding and mapping out the fan journey - sport’s equivalent of the customer journey, if you will. In this blog post, we will explore the various stages of the fan journey and shed light on the key touch-points and strategies that help clubs, leagues and federations nurture loyal and engaged fan bases.

The pregame atmosphere

The fan journey begins long before the first whistle blows. During the pre-game phase, fans thrive on information. They want excitement and are full of anticipation. This means sports organisations must provide a seamless digital experience, offering comprehensive and up-to-date information on ticketing, fixtures, player profiles and team news. Whether it's highlight videos, behind-the-scenes content, trivia or games, quality content can be the difference between a fan simply watching a game and a fan feeling an emotional connection with a team. Engaging content creates a sense of community, builds anticipation and fosters fan loyalty.

The live-game experience

Fans expect an immersive and unforgettable game experience. Sports organisations can leverage tech to offer value-adding services such as interactive mobile apps, jumbotron activations and augmented reality experiences that offer fans real-time updates, replays and exclusive content. Reaching your fans at home, and worldwide, is just as important. Globalisation has made it easier to be a fan from anywhere, and technology allows us to invest in fans regardless of where they live or watch from. Tailored streaming platforms can bring the action to any screen, and allow fans to connect to the digital community with video hubs that offer behind the scenes and exclusive content made for today’s global, die hard fans.

Post-game engagement

Just as the fan journey does not begin at the first whistle, it also does not end when the final play is complete. To maintain a lasting relationship with fans, sports organisations must engage them at all times. Highlights and player interviews can be shared on digital channels, as well as post-match analysis. Encouraging user-generated content to increase social media interactions, and tapping into fan forums can foster a sense of community that keeps fans invested year-round. Moreover, organising fan events, meet-and-greets, and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours can offer additional touch-points for fans to interact with their favorite teams and players.

Personalisation and data analytics

The fan journey can be made more personal by utilising data analytics at every touchpoint mentioned above. The analysis of fan preferences, engagement and viewing patterns allows organisations to provide tailored experiences. Through data-driven insights, sports entities can improve their strategies with tailored marketing campaigns and personalised recommendations, and rewards that resonate with individuals, fostering long-term loyalty.

The fan journey is a dynamic and multifaceted process that requires a deep understanding of fan behavior and preferences. By mapping out the various stages of the fan journey and implementing effective strategies, sports teams can create immersive and enjoyable experiences that lead to long-term loyalty and advocacy. Embracing technology, personalisation, and community engagement are vital pillars in shaping the fan journey and building a thriving fan base in today's competitive landscape.

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