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Pioneering the track: How MXGP's 2023 season built a foundation for partners and fans to engage

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The 2023 MXGP season recently hit the finish line and signalled a more refined era of engagement for its partners and fans globally. It saw the advent of fresh engagements and digital forays, each creating a unique narrative of progression in the motocross sphere.

The introduction of the Paddock Show emerged as a captivating narrative, laying down a fresh track of interaction between fans and their motocross idols. This new format, taking place post-race on Saturdays throughout the season, welcomed selected riders and special guests on stage whilst also creating an opportunity for fans to meet and greet their heroes. It provided another moment for partners to also create organic connections with a passionate audience.

'Behind the Gate', a 26-minute program, further provided another avenue to reach fans, offering a rare glimpse into the heart of the MXGP and MX2 Championships. Spanning 19 episodes, with a special edition dedicated to Monster Energy FIM MXoN, it unlocked a realm where fans could traverse the weekend races, delve into team dynamics and savour exclusive interviews. This type of enriched content in sport is a fertile ground for brands aiming for a profound resonance with fans.

The Monster Energy FIM MXoN in Ernée was also a milestone for the year as 102,000 spectators descended on the event. The 76th edition of the event will go down in history as an astonishing moment that saw the home team, Team France, rise above everyone to clinch the highly sought-after Chamberlain Trophy for the seventh time in their history.


Monster Energy will be the Title Sponsor for the foreseeable future after it announced a prolongation to a partnership which began in 2011. This long-term extension firmly reinstates Monster Energy as the leading and most influential brand in the FIM Motocross World Championship, a presence that spans from the racetracks to the MXGP Paddock and the starting gates, as well as their significant support to MXGP Teams.

As the season drew to a close it left in its wake the MXGP Awards, a celebration of stellar performances, and the glimpse of 2024 through the Provisional Calendar.

Developmental categories welcoming the next generation of stars

The MXE and the bLU cRU Superfinale, underscored MXGP's ethos of nurturing the next pool of talent coming through the ranks with a starting gird of 40 riders.

The MXE championship, spotlighting youngsters aged six to eight on electric bikes supplied by KTM AG, and the bLU cRU Superfinale, steered by Yamaha Racing, are emblematic of a vision sculpting a ‘pyramid of success’ for emerging motocross stars. These segments not only beckon a younger demographic but also echo a sustainable, eco-conscious narrative, resonating with modern brand ethos. They are a testament to MXGP's vision of being a cradle for nurturing young talent while embracing sustainability.

The tapestry of MXGP's evolution is a blend of tradition and forward-thinking, a landscape ripe for brand collaborations and sponsorship. Its endeavours in crafting engaging, inclusive and environmentally conscious racing experiences are the cornerstone of MXGP's potential to foster enduring partnerships and flourish in the unfolding chapters of motocross history. The 2023 season is a chapter in a continually evolving story, with each race, each engagement, and each innovation being a verse in a compelling narrative that holds a promise of an exciting future.