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MXGP: A unique platform for brands to gear up in sports sponsorship

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The MXGP (FIM Motocross World Championship) is more than thrilling races and high-speed dirt bikes — it’s also a powerful platform for brands to connect with fans, enthusiasts, and the sport on a global scale. Let’s explore why MXGP stands out as a unique opportunity for brand engagement.

Tradition meets innovation

MXGP weaves together tradition and forward-thinking. While honouring the roots of motocross dating back to 1957, it continually evolves to create engaging experiences. Brands that align with this blend can tap into a rich heritage while embracing modernity.

The Motocross of Nations (MXoN) is the pinnacle event where national teams compete. Brands associated with MXoN gain exposure on a global stage. It’s a chance to showcase products, values, and commitment to motorsport excellence. Hosted in Matterley Basin, UK, the “Motocross of Nations 2024” promises an incomparable platform for supporters, fans, and sponsors. The track's unique layout, coupled with breathtaking viewpoints all around, offers spectators an unparalleled view of the entire course, creating an unforgettable experience for all motocross fans.

On top of that, fans are at the heart of MXGP. Brands have the chance to engage directly with passionate supporters directly at the trackside or through digital channels. From thrilling race days to behind-the-scenes content, MXGP offers diverse touchpoints.

Inclusive and environmentally conscious

MXGP is committed to inclusivity and environmental responsibility. Since 2005, a championship exclusively for women has been established. Moreover, individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to participate as volunteers in the event and organisation. Additionally, the series must comply with various regulations some of which are focused on environmental protection, noise reduction, and emissions reduction amongst other aspects. All events follow and are in line with the FIM Sustainability Policy.

Brands associated with MXGP become part of a community that values diversity and sustainability. This ethos resonates with conscious consumers and enhances brand reputation.

Enduring partnerships

MXGP provides a fertile ground for enduring partnerships. Brands can collaborate with the championship, teams, and riders over multiple seasons. These long-term relationships allow for deeper brand integration and storytelling. Then MXGP isn’t just about slapping logos on bikes, it’s about activation. Brands can create memorable experiences for fans through interactive zones, merchandise, hospitality, and exclusive access.

A testament to that is continuation of the MXGP series’ most engaging partner, Monster Energy. Having started back in 2011, Monster Energy remains the primary sponsor of MXGP and retains its status as the Title Sponsor of the prestigious MXoN. 
“Motocross is who we are,” says David Gowland, Monster Energy Senior Vice President of Motorsports. “Right from the company’s beginning, the sport of motocross has played a significant role in the trajectory of Monster Energy and that will now continue with the extension and fortification of Monster Energy’s role as the primary sponsor of MXGP, as well as the title sponsor of the storied Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. The history and heritage of MXGP and the Motocross World Championship make it one of the premiere and elite forms of motorsport over the world and Monster Energy stands proud with MXGP and the fans that crowd Grand Prix tracks over the world on any given Sunday.”

Also, RAM Trucks Europe will again be alongside the MXGP Championship as an official partner for the 2024 season, underlining the deep connection between the brand's spirit and the FIM Motocross World Championship. The brand will continue to play a leading role not only on race days, but for the entire duration of the weekend. In addition, for this season, RAM Trucks Europe has introduced a special “RAM Award” related to Saturday's qualifying races, exclusively dedicated to the MXGP category: at the end of the season, the MXGP rider who won the most RAM Qualifying races will win an exclusive six-month driving experience with RAM Trucks Europe.

At the same time, MXGP continues to attract new brands as well. A multi-year partnership with Hoco Parts, a leading distributor of motorcycle products, has recently been announced. Through the MXGP series, this will be strengthening Hoco Parts' visibility globally, providing an excellent platform to showcase its premium products and services to a diverse audience of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, MXGP entered a new partnership with AFAM as official sponsor for the FIM Motocross World Championship and Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations, with a multi-year agreement set to begin in 2024. Last but not least, MIPS, a global leader in helmet-based safety, is the new Official Safety Partner of the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship. Besides brand visibility, the partnership will also include the first international Safety Symposium, a gathering of partner brands, riders, media, and industry leaders to educate and engage in insightful conversations around helmet safety and Mips’ mission to lead the world to safer helmets.

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