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Controlling the Uncontrollable: Leveraging Tech to Improve Decision Making For Sporting Events and Athlete Performance



Join us for a special webinar on how cutting edge technologies can empower decision makers and athletes as they gear up for events, large or small, and be better prepared to deal with weather phenomenon and unpredictable injuries.

  • Presentation and case study by Dan Slagen, CMO of ClimaCell, a global leader in weather technology, exhibiting how their predictive and automated software helps sports teams, leagues and organisations understand how weather will impact their operations and in doing so improve their decision making process
  • Presentation and case study by Tal Brown of Zone7, which uses technology and data to predict injuries ahead of time and improve athlete performance. Their technology analyses data from thousands of athletes, recognising patterns that lead to injuries or peak performance. Zone7 alerts athletes and medical teams to possible injuries while suggesting changes that lower the risk of injury.
  • A panel discussion about leveraging technologies and innovation to improve decision making processes at all levels of event planning and athlete performance featuring Dan Slagen, Tal Brown and top executives from sports organisations, Sarah Lewis, Secretary General of FIS and Kris Gemmel, Head of Marketing & Commercial at ITU.

About the technologies

ClimaCell is revolutionising weather forecasting by providing the accuracy and reliability that weather-sensitive industries need to succeed in the 21st century.

Unique to the weather industry, ClimaCell fuses a proprietary big data collection and analysis platform with exclusive modelling techniques to create MicroWeather OS - an array of products that are providing clients hyper local weather data and invaluable business insights to create the best weather intelligence engine for businesses.

Find out more about how the technology is helping decision makers better prepare for sporting events.

ClimaCell's patented MicroWeather technology engine is powered by Weather of Things data - wireless signals, connected cars, airplanes, drones and IoT devices. This data is combined with proprietary AI-driven models to help industries such as aviation, construction, energy, on-demand, outdoor events, transportation, UAS and utilities to make better decisions that impact everything from operational efficiency to profitability, safety and the bottom line.

Zone7 enables athletes, coaches and medical professionals to leverage analytics and empower health and performance decisions leading to injury prevention. We use AI-driven pattern recognition to identify injury risk and simulate how changes in training and working impact performance and injuries. Data is collected from wearables, medical profiles and physio & screening products to ensure the utmost accuracy and trust.


  • Dan Slagen
  • Tal Brown
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Sarah Lewis
    Secretary General
  • Kris Gemmell
    Head of Marketing & Commercial
    Julien Schiess
    Head of Marketing & Sales
    Infront Lab

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