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4 key elements to creative brand design for multiple host city event

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What do the UEFA Euro 2020TM, the FIFA World Cup 2026TM and the Men’s EHF Euro 2020 have in common? Answer: They each have multiple hosts. The UEFA Euro 2020TM has 12 hosts, the FIFA World Cup 2026TM will be staged in the United States, Mexico and Canada. While the EHF Euro 2020 Handball final will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on January 26, the tournament took place across three nations.

Increasingly, organisers are choosing more than one host to help spread the financial and logistical burden while also enhancing, fan engagement, commercial opportunities and sport development.

But this shared approach raises challenges in execution, from transportation to marketing. For example, how can successful brand design assets accommodate several national colours and identities as well as deliver on brand and marketing goals?

Infront combines in-depth event knowledge, strong experience and market insights to balance eye-catching, effective design with the needs of multiple stakeholders. Take the Men’s EHF Euro 2020, where we blended the national colours of hosts Sweden, Austria and Norway into a dynamic logo built from existing EHF visual assets – reaching full satisfaction of all parties involved starting with the EHF and ending with the three LOC’s

Development_process_MENS_EHF_EURO_LOGO_v1Click to enlarge.

The best logo designs are inspired by diverse inputs, not constrained by them. Here are four key elements to consider in the creation of successful event logos.


Effective logos must be practical. The elements must be transferable to all platforms as a toolkit that protects the unique identity and goals of the event.


Each host requires equal consideration throughout the design process. For the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, a deep dive into a cultural and ethical analysis allowed me to balance French and German national colours alongside their shared love of art and sport. This led to the creation of the event design to become a powerful, uniting tool for the promotion of the event. (Watch video below.)


Form aesthetics

Impactful design reflects concepts that align with the sport, event and hosts. The Women’s EHF Euro 2020 logo features flowing lines and a female face in silhouette within the existing EHF circle to evoke the thrill of handball while ensuring equality between the two hosts - Norway and Denmark.


Balance of image and text

The logo image should not overwhelm the title of an event within the overall design - they must work in harmony. At the same time, the font must complement the logo image while conforming with event goals and the design brief.