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HYROX: The meteoric rise of a global fitness racing phenomenon

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In a world where fitness has evolved from a mere goal to a dynamic lifestyle, HYROX is leading a global revolution. The format was formed in 2017 out of a desire to create a sport that blended the worlds of resistance and functional fitness in a unique, competitive format. The concept of the sport of fitness racing rapidly appealed to athletes and enthusiasts from all sporting backgrounds and has since transformed the traditional landscape of long-distance endurance events and functional fitness.

Expanding globally

The 2022/23 HYROX season represented a significant leap in HYROX's global expansion. 45 events were scheduled across 16 countries, including Europe, the UK, North America, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Highlights of the season included the European Championship in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and the North American Championship in Chicago.

These events preceded the season finale with the World Championship on 27 May, where the top 2,500 athletes from 90,000 participants globally competed, leading to the thrilling showdown featuring the Elite 15 for the title of HYROX World Champion of Fitness Racing and a prize purse of USD 75,000.


The expansion continues for the 2023/24 season with recent events in Milan and Singapore. Italy illustrated its appetite earlier this year at its debut event at Rimini where the mixed relay record was smashed: Eugenio Bianchi, Camilla Massa, Giuseppe Spreafico and Michela Pieri winning in 52 minutes and 36 seconds. The hype has grown since; HYROX Milan was sold out with 2,500 participants.

Niccolò Mornati, Director Summer Sports at Infront Italy, said: “Infront's commitment is to strengthen, together with our partners at Upsolut Sports, the presence of HYROX in Italy, with three events that will be held on the national territory during the 2023-24 sports season, and then grow further in 2024/25. Moreover, the impact that HYROX is having on the fitness landscape in our country is evident. The trust in this new sport is such that we estimate that others will be added to the sponsors who already believe in the brand today in view of the next stages".

HYROX Singapore continued the record-breaking theme; it was the best-seller event for a first-time event in any location globally with 3,500 participants and almost as many spectators. It was also the first-ever HYROX event held in a stadium, namely the Singapore National Stadium. Infront Pan-Asia has been active in supporting the event. It negotiated with local authorities to organise the event in the National Stadium. It also found a title sponsor in Cigna insurance as well as two Official Partners with ThriveX and 100Plus.


David Nivelle, Managing Director Infront Pan-Asia, added: “We’ve been looking forward to this event and are excited about its success. HYROX can have a fantastic future in Singapore as well as in Asia and we’re here to support every step of the way.”

Key to success

HYROX's genesis traces back to the founders' vision of crafting an event akin to regular gym workouts, thereby bridging the gap between conventional long-distance endurance events and functional fitness. Their innovation quickly gained traction, reaching a zenith in 2019 at the Hamburg World Series, where 3,000 attendees and 10,000 spectators enjoyed the spectacle, which even secured live TV coverage.

The growth of HYROX continued after Infront secured the majority ownership, helping to drive its expansion both in Europe, USA, and Asia. It integrated the brand under its Active Lifestyle umbrella, fostering the fitness race company's continued growth. The change in ownership doesn't disrupt the current HYROX team's autonomy; they retain majority control over commercial decisions.

Moritz Fuerste, Founding Partner & Managing Director of HYROX, said: "Our ambition has always been that HYROX would become one of the largest and most recognisable sporting properties in the world. As we continue to grow and develop the sport of fitness racing, the added value of Infront’s deep connections in the advertising, sponsorship and media space will aid us in continuing the rapid growth we are targeting."

From its inception to its current global recognition, HYROX is proving to be more than just a fitness competition - it's a fitness revolution. It's a testimony to how an innovative idea, the right partnerships, and a shared vision can transform the fitness landscape. As Hans-Peter Zurbruegg, Senior Vice President Active Lifestyle, aptly said, "The series has the potential to become a huge brand within fitness and has already created aspirational athletes that amateurs are looking to emulate."