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Fitness Trends to watch

Hans Peter Zurbruegg
1 min read

Warning that one in four people do not get enough exercise, the World Health Organization urges us to squeeze in up to five hours of activity every week.

But not everyone is built for the gym or wants to play traditional team sports. Health-conscious consumers need activities that fit around busy lives, motivate and offer something different. The race to find new ways to get fit is on.

The explosion of the near-$100 billion global fitness industry (2019 IHRSA Global Report) boasts a wave of innovation from smart watches to outdoor endurance tests. Health & Fitness Journal’s survey of fitness professionals predicts wearable technology, and high intensity and group training will define the industry in 2020.

This year, we will see the continued rise of fitness brands that capture our imaginations, including mass participation events from Hyrox and Megamarsch to urban exploration with apps such as District.

These trailblazing brands share one thing in common: they are already tapping into the trends set to shape the fitness world in 2020:

Active living & health consciousness

More of us want to be kinder to our bodies - whether through diet, exercise or life choices. This will mean people live for longer, fuelling ageing populations.

Experiential economy

Experience is everything. Consumers will seek out activities that create exhilarating memories through challenges that go beyond physical benefits whether as part of cycling, running or an obstacle course.

Purpose and sustainability driven

Society’s demand for companies to place purpose, sustainability and positive impact at the centre of their activities will grow louder in 2020.


Innovation will continue to influence participation in fitness through more personalised experiences and wearable technology.

Sharing economies and communities

The sharing economy is not just about goods and services, consumers will increasingly harness the power of social media to share fitness experiences.

Work-life balance

Finding the right balance between work and life outside of the workplace will become a deciding factor in performance and health.

Fuelled by these trends, the fitness industry is entering a golden era of choice, innovation and convenience that will drive participation and spark rapid growth in 2020.