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Pedal into the Future: Accessible Races for Everyone through Technology

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Threshold Sports and ROUVY have teamed up to bring the thrill of cycling right into your living room, making it accessible to everyone, everywhere. With the launch of the Virtual Babble Ride Across Britain Challenge, an iconic race showcasing the best of UK cycling, tackling seven unique routes traversing the length of Great Britain, becomes available to cycling enthusiasts across the globe.

This alliance is based on mutual brand-building objectives. For ROUVY, the collaboration offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand its reach and engage with Threshold's established and committed athletes. Meanwhile, for Threshold Sports, aligning with ROUVY provides access to a diverse and dedicated community of cyclists while bolstering their offerings with enhanced accessibility to a global audience. Moreover, this partnership serves as a complementary asset for sponsorship packages, enabling brands such as Babble, title sponsors of the Babble Ride Across Britain, to amplify their reach and connect with fans through immersive virtual cycling experiences. Together, Threshold Sports and ROUVY are poised to redefine the boundaries of virtual cycling and elevate brand engagement to new heights.

Unveiling a Cycling Adventure from Home

From January 29th to March 3rd, 2024, cycling enthusiasts around the world can embark on a virtual journey through the UK's most iconic cycling routes. Thanks to ROUVY's state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology, riders can experience key sections of the legendary Babble Ride Across Britain from the comfort of their own homes.


Threshold Sports has been dedicated to enabling individuals to reach their full potential since 2009, creating extraordinary challenges for people of all abilities. The Ride Across Britain, their flagship event, has allowed thousands to experience the magic of cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. Now, with the Virtual Babble Ride Across Britain, riders can immerse themselves virtually in the beauty of Britain and enjoy the landscapes that make the event truly legendary.

A Unique and Interactive Experience

What sets this virtual adventure apart is the use of the ROUVY app, which allows riders to experience key sections of the nine-stage Ride Across Britain route. This provides the closest experience possible to riding the real thing, making it an ideal training tool for those participating in the live event in September 2024 or for those seeking a taste of the stunning routes from the comfort of their homes.

From picturesque Cornish villages to challenging Scottish mountain passes, each pedal stroke will take riders on a virtual tour through Britain's cycling heritage. This partnership with ROUVY, the indoor cycling app offering over 1,300 realistic and immersive rides worldwide, showcases seven key sections of the Babble Ride Across Britain route during the challenge period.

Achievements and Rewards

All riders completing the seven routes within the challenge will receive an in-app Virtual Ride Across Britain jersey and will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a general entry to the Babble Ride Across Britain 2024 classic 9-day package.

Nick Tuppen, CEO of Threshold Sports, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Rouvy gives us a chance to replicate the majestic views, the leg-sapping climbs and sweeping descents of the route in full HD. It's the perfect complement to the live event in September as it kicks off the training and fosters the community, which are both key to completing RAB in real life.”

A Realistic Cycling Experience

Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY, expresses excitement about bringing to life the breathtaking scenery, iconic landmarks, and historic sites of Britain through their platform. Using actual video footage, ROUVY aims to simulate the feel and emotions of riding real-world routes from home.

Matt Parker, CEO of Cloud Solution Provider Babble, the Title Partner of Babble Ride Across Britain, adds his perspective, noting, “While it can never replace the sun, wind, and rain of the ride itself, or its wider charitable impact, it is an incredibly valuable way to supplement training, get into the right mindset, and experience the ride as close to reality as possible - whether you plan to join us in September or not.”

Infront, Threshold’s shareholder, applauds this ground-breaking initiative that not only aligns with its vision but also promotes a more active and healthier world. The Virtual Babble Ride Across Britain Challenge is not just a cycling event; it's a testament to the power of innovation, technology, and the shared passion for an active lifestyle. Get ready to pedal through the virtual landscapes of Britain, embracing the thrill of cycling from the comfort of your own home!