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Celebrating the best examples of sports sponsorship with VSA

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A showcase of innovative collaborations and success stories in sports sponsorship

In the world of sports, sponsorship plays an essential role in enhancing visibility and generating revenue. Earlier this year, VSA embarked on a celebration of five decades of sports sponsorship success with a focus on Germany. Throughout 2023, it will shine a spotlight on some of the best sports sponsorship examples, illustrating the power of partnership in the sports industry. As an industry leader, Infront has been at the forefront of these innovative collaborations. Here are some sports sponsorship examples that demonstrate the versatility, creativity, and substantial impact:

1. FC Köln and Deutsche Telekom: Pioneering the football of the future

This pioneering partnership demonstrates sport as a communicative springboard for brands. Infront, it’s innovation arm Infront Lab, 1. FC Köln, and Deutsche Telekom have innovatively blended technology with football, creating a new era in fan engagement. Their Innovation Game provided real-time performance insights and alternative viewing experiences, drawing 5 million online viewers and 50,000 stadium attendees. With a 40% increase in fan interaction, this collaboration represents the adaptability, dynamism, and flexibility of modern sports sponsorship. It's not just attention-grabbing; it's reshaping how brands interact with audiences, opening new doors for content monetisation.

Find out more about the project and how the club reached 100m people

Right to Play: Unleashing the power of play

Infront's collaboration with Right To Play reaches beyond sport itself, unleashing the transformative power of play. They have connected with over 100,000 children worldwide, employing sport to encourage education, gender equality, and personal growth. Their "Sport is more" campaign has highlighted sport's emotional resonance, helping businesses tell individual, empowering stories. With opportunities in 30 countries and a 25% increase in awareness of sport's potential to break social barriers, this initiative reflects the inherent diversity and ever-changing nature of sports sponsorship.

FIS and Stora Enso: Sustainability on the slopes

Championing sustainability in sport, the partnership between FIS, Stora Enso, and Infront showcases a commitment to societal values. From gender equality initiatives to climate protection measures, they have created a responsible and engaging platform. With a 15% reduction in event carbon emissions and an ambitious goal of achieving 50% female representation by 2025, they are setting a precedent for green, inclusive practices in sports. This collaboration illustrates how sustainability, deeply embedded in the DNA of sports, can be leveraged by companies to communicate shared values and drive tangible, sustainable actions.

This is just one example of Infront’s sustainable business practice. For more, take a look at our 2022 sustainability report

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1. FSV Mainz 05 Klimaverteidiger: Champions of climate defence

The groundbreaking "Klimaverteidiger" or "Climate Defenders" initiative, born from a partnership between Infront and 1. FSV Mainz 05, draws attention to responsible practices. Collaborating with partners like Commerzbank, ACV, and Back Market, they've increased sustainable practices by 30%. This network serves as a beacon for environmental stewardship, illustrating how sports sponsorship is an indispensable financial source for all levels of sport. It's more than a source of funding; it's a vital tool in shaping a new generation of businesses and fans committed to responsible practices.

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IBU Biathlon and Erdinger Alkoholfrei: Transforming perception through sponsorship

Biathlon, the most successful winter sport in Germany, Norway, and Russia, reaches about 527 million viewers across 17 European countries and the USA. This broad reach presented an opportunity for Erdinger Alkoholfrei. Facilitated by Infront, the partnership began in the 2008/09 season and ran until 2021/22. Erdinger’s unique aim was to differentiate themselves from competitors by associating with a sport unrelated to football, thereby aligning with one of Europe’s most-watched sports. The collaboration effectively emotionalised the Erdinger brand and provided an educational platform about the positive effects of non-alcoholic beer consumption. The long-term commitment, extending over 13 years, stands as a prime example of strategic sports sponsorship.

These sports sponsorship examples reflect the diversity, innovation, and community impact that can be achieved through strategic partnerships. VSA's yearlong celebration is a testament to the enduring relevance and vitality of sports sponsorship in today's ever-changing landscape. For more inspiring sports sponsorship examples, stay connected with VSA's dedicated page (DE only).