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Insights unveiled: Broad community and purpose driving XLETIX’s sponsorship proposition

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A tenth birthday is a significant milestone for any business, let alone one that has weathered a global pandemic and come out stronger the other side. However, that’s where XLETIX currently finds itself and, after a decade of operation, the world of mass participation would no longer be imaginable without it.

A growing fan base to suit every mass participation level

At its heart XLETIX remains an obstacle course race, as it always has been. However, it has evolved over time to broaden its reach. In a record-setting achievement, it hosted the largest obstacle course event for children with over 13,000 participants in a single gathering in 2023, setting a new Official World Record.


Whilst full-length races continue to draw a more hardcore audience, this landmark event is part of the broader XLETIX Kids initiative, which attracted over 100,000 participants throughout the year.

Caro Tonn, Co-Managing Director of XLETIX GmbH explains that it’s about giving people a reason to turn up and celebrate being active: "Achieving such scale underscores our vision of making obstacle course racing a universal platform for fitness, fun, and a healthy lifestyle," she said. "It highlights the event's significance in fostering a new generation of participants while also ensuring that it remains challenging enough for our more ambitious participants."

XLETIX's inclusive approach ensures that its events cater to a wide demographic, from athletes to families seeking adventure. The events are designed to challenge and entertain, regardless of age or fitness level, making them a unifying experience for communities. "Our mission is to welcome everyone to the world of obstacle racing, creating memorable experiences that inspire lifelong fitness," Caro adds.

Connections beyond the course

Mass participation events tend to enjoy more year-round engagement with its audience. But unique events like XLETIX often sprout their own communities, especially with a broadening demographic. Whilst there are dozens of mass participation events taking place every weekend across the world, the way they engage and create communities can be the difference.

“Our community is the heart of XLETIX. By listening to their feedback, we create events that resonate with our participants’ values and aspirations,” Caro says.

XLETIX’s transparency and authenticity on social media, where the team shares behind-the-scenes glimpses, foster a deeper connection with the audience. “By giving our brand a face and sharing our journey, we invite our community to be part of our story, making each achievement a shared success,” she adds

Where brands come in

For brands that prioritise health, community, and even sustainability, it is clear how partnering with an event like XLETIX offers a unique opportunity to engage with a wide and active audience. The integration of sponsorship into mass participation events can be both subtle and impactful, enhancing the participants' journey and tying the brand to positive personal milestones.

The health angle is obvious, and the expansion of races to include participants of all ages allows brands to foster a dialogue with both fitness fanatics and families alike. Likewise, the community aspect is something built over time by providing the right platforms and topics to discuss the events and everything about them.

Both combine to help dictate strategic decisions as well. This was the case with sustainability, with merchandise production, waste reduction and eco-friendly event logistics adapted to align to participant’s values. It is a good example of XLETIX truly understanding its audience - knowledge it can pass onto its partners.

"Collaborating with XLETIX allows brands to authentically demonstrate their values, connecting with consumers in meaningful ways at our events," Caro said.

Commitment to Growth and Innovation

Looking to the future, XLETIX is not resting on its success. Plans to expand the XLETIX Kids series into other European countries are in motion, driven by the belief in strong demand for family-oriented events beyond national borders. Innovation remains a cornerstone of their strategy, with significant investment in researching and developing new obstacles. "Our dedication to innovation and sustainability shapes our growth. We're excited to bring our unique brand of obstacle racing to more families and enthusiasts across Europe," Caro adds.

As XLETIX moves forward, it remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering community, and promoting sustainable, active living. "Our journey has been filled with milestones and memories. Looking ahead, we're filled with anticipation for the new challenges and opportunities. Together, we will continue to inspire, innovate, and impact lives through our events."