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Overcoming obstacles together with fun: the XLETIX challenge and beyond

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Caro Tonn and Frank Fritzsche co-lead the business of XLETIX, a participation sports format of Infront’s Active Lifestyle portfolio that also features targeted formats for women and kids.

The XLETIX Challenge is an extreme obstacle course. The sight of the obstacles can make you feel queasy. Only for the well-trained, right?

Caro: Well, yes and no - participants in the XLETIX Challenge should have a certain level of basic fitness, but any weaknesses can be compensated for by a good team. For us it's all about team spirit and mutual support - even beyond the limits of one's own team: One Team. One goal!

The XLETIX Challenge may have been our first obstacle course series, but it hasn't been the only one for a long time and it's by no means the biggest. With the Muddy Angel Run for women only and XLETIX Kids for all families with children between the ages of 5 and 15, we have established two further formats in German-speaking countries. Here, too, it's all about the team experience, but above all, participants should have a lot of fun. We expect a total of over 225,000 participants this year.

The Muddy Angel Run is for women only. Why do women need their own event category?

Frank: It's not primarily about the "own category" - it's more about a different approach. Women should and want to have a carefree day with their girls (best friends, mothers, daughters, colleagues), without any comparison of performance and without any evaluation. It's about shared memories and fun and not about competition.

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What can children take away from participating in XLETIX Kids?

Caro: XLETIX Kids is an opportunity for families to create shared memories and experiences. The idea often appeals first and foremost to parents. Often the children are a little sceptical beforehand and find it hard to imagine what to expect. At the latest after the starting signal on the course, you can see the fun and light-heartedness of the children as they master the obstacles and not infrequently the sweating parents a few metres behind them.

The naturalness and fun of movement is the central theme and the most important experience we want to offer the children (and parents). In addition, together with our partner Gut Drauf e.V., we educate about an overall healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise, nutrition, and mental health.

Want to join one of our challenges and have a fun time with family and friends? Learn more and subscribe: 

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