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Monetisation opportunities for rights holders from anti-piracy AI tech

Damian Browarnik
1 min read

It is no secret that piracy poses a severe threat to the health of the sports broadcast world. Unfortunately, a fully robust way of tracking and tackling pirated video assets online has proven elusive, and the losses speak for themselves.

Research last year found that, on average, English Premier League matches lost about $1 million in uncaptured sponsorship media value due to worldwide illegal streaming (GumGum Sports & MUSO).  Park Associates has estimated that piracy platforms could be worth $67 billion globally by 2023.

Testing by Videocites, the latest tech startup to benefit from Infront Lab’s support network and easy market access, found that a top flight match between Liverpool and Manchester City in November 2019 produced more than 500 pirated versions of content on social media platforms, attracting more than one million views. Videocites estimated the potential for lost monetisation from those views to be around $1.6 million.


In response, Videocites has pioneered cutting-edge video assets tracking technology that will transform anti-piracy initiatives around the world. Its AI software can track all related video assets online through advanced fingerprinting and search capabilities to tackle and almost completely eradicate all forms of pirated content. This works through advanced fingerprinting techniques that can be detected across all platforms.

The potential for additional broadcast and sponsorship revenue from stamping out piracy and encouraging audiences to stick to authorised content is clear. But there are further reasons to rejoice at the advent of Videocites’ game-changing technology.

Its powerful and all-encompassing tracking tools mean that content owners can gain a richer understanding of consumer behaviour compared to insights offered by traditional analytics. In turn, this offers content creators a better awareness of what audiences and influencers actually want, unlocking enhanced engagement and related revenue streams. The tech also reveals a new depth of information about earned media value, which helps sponsors to better measure and target the impact of their advertising investments.

As the sports industry searches for gains in revenue and cost efficiencies in a rapidly-evolving market, Videocites’ AI-powered anti-piracy and robust video asset tracking software shows how smart innovation can create whole new worlds of opportunity.