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Cracking the code: how to use customer insights for sports streaming triumph

Infront Lab
2 min read

Understanding your audience is key to success in any business, and sports streaming companies are no exception. Customer insights can be the magic ingredient that transforms a good service into a great one, and this is true for your fans and viewers as well. By understanding your viewers' behaviours and preferences, you can tailor your content, advertising and user experience to better suit their needs. So, how exactly can you use these insights to your advantage? Let's break it down.

Customer needs: understanding drives business insights

Customer insights will enable you to personalise the user experience, which ultimately reduces the time to value and boosts engagement. Here are some key indicators you need to pay attention to when collecting customer insight:

  • Viewer retention: it helps streaming companies understand how engaging their content is and how well it holds the attention of their audience.
  • Engagement: this metric indicates how invested viewers are in the content and how likely they are to return for future streams.
  • Audience demographics: understanding demographics such as age, gender, location and interests helps tailor content and advertising to better appeal to the target audience.
  • Content performance: identifying which types of content perform best with the audience informs the content strategy.
  • Streaming performance: Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics measure the quality of the viewer experience and help identify areas for improvement.
  • Ad performance: understanding ad performance is crucial for revenue optimisation.
  • Social media engagement: utilising social media for audience engagement and content promotion.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): tracking ARPU helps in making data-driven decisions to grow the business.

The streaming playbook: your checklist for sports streaming success

The ever-evolving sports streaming landscape demands a deep understanding of your audience. Customer insights are the key. To help you dominate this competitive market, we've developed a data-driven roadmap. Follow these crucial steps to unlock the power of customer insights, maximise engagement, and propel your sports streaming service to the top.

✔ Real-time engagement analysis: analyse live engagement data to adjust advertising placement during events.

✔ Identify missing features: analyse data to identify and fill gaps in platform features.

✔ Platform optimisation: optimise user experience based on preferred features.

✔ Interactive content experiences: offer interactive experiences to enhance engagement and collect data on preferences.

✔ Targeted content creation: focus on creating content tailored to popular topics and interests.

✔ Amplify engaging content: highlight content that resonates most with your audience in key locations on your OTT.

✔ Personalised recommendations: offer tailored content recommendations and schedules.

✔ Tailor ads to customer preferences: use viewership insights to determine targeted ads to specific customer groups.

✔ Budget planning: allocate advertising budget based on insights from important games and teams.

✔ Schedule ads strategically: schedule ads based on peak viewing times.

✔ Age-based ad scheduling: tailor ad scheduling based on customer demographics.

✔ Tailor newsletter and special offers: craft personalised newsletters and offers based on customer behaviours and habits.

✔ Create community: foster community engagement around trending content.

By following this checklist and harnessing the power of customer insights, sports streaming companies can elevate their services to new heights. Remember, it's not just about understanding your audience – it's about using that understanding to create value and build lasting relationships with your viewers.