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The future of virtual advertising with OTT: The personalised advertising board

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The future of virtual advertising with OTT: The personalised advertising board

It is a common scenario these days: you are streaming your favourite TV series online when an advert pops up, shouting out your name: “Claire, have you updated your insurance yet?”

Get used to it. The future of marketing is incredibly personalised and most certainly digital. Over-the-top (OTT) media services such as online streaming and social media give advertisers the power to tailor messages and campaigns directly to users based on their account profiles, online behaviour and preferences. This depth of insight is driving new levels of efficiency and performance for advertising budgets, offering more relevant ads for consumers, and opening up new revenue stream potential for brands and rights holders.

More traditional platforms have struggled to keep up because they cannot offer the same degree of targeting. Take the perimeter advertising board at a football match: how can it cater to more than one audience, let alone individual consumers?

With virtual advertising, the game is about to change. What if you could combine the frighteningly relevant targeting of OTT media with the proven power of a sports advertising board? Thanks to pioneering non-intrusive and image-based virtual advertising technology, any commercial surface can be replaced real-time with limitless messages – animated or static – for multiple audiences in a simple, cost effective way during a sports broadcast production.

Viz Eclipse, the ultimate non-intrusive software solution, layers realistic graphics over existing in-stadium advertising boards in real time via an effortless calibration process within an existing broadcast production chain. As a result, rights holders can develop multiple packages from individual boards and sponsors can target specific campaigns to bespoke markets during the same sports event.

Unlike earlier, less advanced editions of virtual advertising technology, Viz Eclipse does not require any costly or disruptive changes to existing stadium or camera infrastructure, and it works for all kinds of static and LED boards and any other commercially-designated surface.

In a future marketing world dominated by OTT content distribution, this breakthrough technology finally opens the door for all sports industry players to embrace the power of virtual advertising. Any club, event organiser or sponsor will be able to take their existing perimeter boards and potentially market messages and campaigns that are targeted directly to individuals watching online – just like that personalised ad break during your favourite TV drama.

With Viz Eclipse, and embracing the potential of OTT, rights holders can broaden their offering to brands and sponsors can enhance their advertising reach, creating new revenue streams for everyone in the value chain.

The personalised ad board is just around the corner.