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From piracy to personalised content - AI unlocks value

Damian Browarnik
1 min read

Tackling content piracy might seem like a daunting and costly task. How can rights holders keep up with the never-ending swarm of unauthorised content online?

It may feel like anti-piracy initiatives have become a necessary part of rights protection that require heavy investment but offer little in return.

But that is all about to change thanks to robust AI video assets tracking technology pioneered by Videocites, one of the latest additions to the Infront Labs stable of innovative startups.

Videocites’ game-changing tools mean anti-piracy initiatives can now simultaneously reap unprecedented results in the fight against illegal content sharing, including unlocking significant monetisation opportunities, while also offering new revenue and value streams for brands and sponsors.


That’s because the same cutting-edge tech that allows rights holders to fingerprint content and trace all pirated versions online also reveals a far richer understanding of online fan behaviour and engagement.

By immediately tracking all versions of content online, Videocites’ tracking tool charts new territory beyond the realms of traditional analytics, even providing deeper insight into earned media value to help sponsors better measure the impact of their advertising investments.

In a world where fans seek unique experiences and brands want to pinpoint marketing for specific consumer types, Videocites’ software paints the big picture and minute detail necessary to develop branded personalised content for all kinds of sports fans.

Research into online piracy last year estimated that illegal streaming from English Premier League matches could attract more seven million viewers in almost 150 countries per game - with the biggest potential value losses coming from areas suRUch as perimeter board advertising (GumGum Sports & MUSO).

As such, when combined with virtual advertising tools such as Viz Eclipse, Videocites’ tracking tech can carve open untapped possibilities for brands and rights holders.

From fighting pirates to personalised branded content, Videocites’ robust video assets tracking is protecting the integrity of sport with the added bonus of creating new value for the sports broadcast industry in the digital era.