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Beyond manual: automate the way to content success with Content Engine

Saady Abu Hatoum
1 min read

Ever feel overwhelmed by the content churn in the digital sports world? Fall behind for a second, and your content gets buried. But what if you could amplify your content creation process and leave the competition in the dust?

That's where Content Engine comes in. By leveraging your data, centralising workflows and video feeds, and automating highlight and graphic production, Content Engine frees your team from the mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on what they do best: unleashing their creativity.

Unlock growth: take action with these content strategy benefits

Brilliant ideas spark, but efficiency and effectiveness ignite. Forget keeping pace with the sports content frenzy, Content Engine propels you forward.

Content Engine helps you unleash your content's full potential:

  • Automate your content creation workflows: streamline creation with automated rules, for the creation of content! This could be, for example, the creation of a minute-long highlight video every time a player scores more than a certain amount of points, or a 30-second recap at the end of every half! Content seamlessly populates your calendar, freeing your team to craft captivating captions and schedule posts. Plus, build your own Highlights Video Archive with the integrated media library for instant access to previous footage.
  • Re-imagine monetisation strategies: with Content Engine, branding your automated sports content with partner and sponsor logos becomes effortless. Unlock new avenues for monetisation and maximise your revenue potential.
  • Publishing made simple: centralise your social media accounts and publish with ease across multiple platforms. Simplify your publishing workflows and reach your audience everywhere with just a few clicks.
  • Power your owned and operated platforms: drive traffic to your website, app, live games, and more with automated social content. Seamlessly lead your fans to your owned platforms, enhancing engagement and boosting brand loyalty.
  • Improve content with social analysis: gain valuable insights into fan interactions with your content. Analyse data to understand audience preferences and optimise your content strategies for maximum impact.
  • Make it a team effort: collaboration is key. Content Engine provides a multi-user environment that streamlines content creation, allowing your entire team to contribute efficiently.
  • Give the gift of time: empower your content creators by leveraging automation for repetitive tasks. Content Engine gives them more time to focus on crafting engaging material that resonates with your audience.

Beyond the basics: features that transform your content

Every second counts in the fast-paced world of sports content creation. Unlock your creative potential and supercharge your productivity with features designed to elevate your content and dominate the competition.

Unleash the full potential of your content strategy with Content Engine and take your brand to new heights of success.

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