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Data-driven marketing: a new sports marketing landscape

Alon Hemsani
2 min read


The digital marketing landscape evolves daily, as new marketing approaches and strategies are being developed to reach KPIs within a changing digital environment. In the last few years, marketing trends such as influencer, content creation, and many more, set the tone, marketing departments successfully reach their goals for . Yet, those marketing strategies, successful as they may be, are not able to connect with the end consumer  - in this case our fans - directly. Until now.

Previously, marketing efforts were about targeting the right audiences with the right message, using the right communication methods and channels. But that’s all about to change thanks to data-driven marketing. What do we mean by ‘data-driven marketing’? Simply, it means leveraging any piece of data to strengthen campaign targeting and messaging. Therefore, our marketing efforts will reach their full personalization potential. Using data-driven marketing, messaging would be adjusted and tailored for more personalized conversations with fans.

Too good to be true? We can be certain that today nothing is out of reach.

How can it be done? With easy, intuitive data capture that is being implemented as part of personal interaction with the fans. Such interactions - in the form of a short game, for example - are not only great engagement methods but also serve as a unique tool to strengthen the relationship between the organization or club, its clients, and its fans.

Let’s take a certain digital campaign, which uses traditional marketing tools and criteria such as general demographics and interests to reach its target audience. This kind of campaign will always be limited since its functionality is based on inaccuracy at best, and assumptions at worst.

On the other hand, what would you say about a different digital campaign, which uses personal, unique, valuable data as a foundation for its entire targeting efforts?

Such a campaign can leverage specific personal data such as age, gender, address, favorite store item, and more. Using this kind of data will not only provide solid ground for successful click rates but will also guarantee a much more intimate relationship with the fans, which opens a one-of-a-kind door to a unique and tailored experience.

This close interaction with the fans will benefit targeted campaigns and attract different audiences and sponsors who are interested in creating more personalized engagement experiences. This opens new business and partnership opportunities that are valuable for growth. In addition, as part of the constant pursuit of data ownership, owning fan data is priceless.

Data-driven and personalized marketing is transforming the marketing world as we know it. Reaching your target audience and sports-centered community with the right message is not enough these days. Providing the right message, via the right channels, while maintaining a personalized and unique experience for each fan, is key to making sure your marketing efforts will not only reach new peaks but that you remain relevant within a continuously changing environment. 


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