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Unlock hidden fan insight: data-driven marketing for deeper engagement

Alon Hemsani
2 min read

Ready to ditch the generic cheers and ignite a fan frenzy? Activation Engine helps you understand your fans and craft experiences that leave them jumping out of their seats!

Understanding your fans is crucial for success in the ever-evolving world of sports and entertainment. Yet, a significant portion of your potential fan base remains unidentified — a hidden treasure trove waiting to be unearthed.

Introducing Activation Engine, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of fan engagement through the power of data-driven marketing. Say goodbye to generic campaigns and hello to personalised experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

Craft experiences made for your fans

With Activation Engine, you can delve deeper into the hearts and minds of your fans. Effortlessly gather valuable zero-party and first-party data through engaging, bite-sized games, without using code - meaning anyone on your team can create these games. Ask questions that matter to your audience, and watch your marketing strategies become sharper, your efforts more impactful, and your monetisation opportunities skyrocket.

Transform your fans' experiences

Activation Engine equips you with the tools to not only understand your audience but also actively engage with them. Foster deeper connections, boost revenue, and create a fan experience that truly shines.

Benefits of Activation Engine

Explore the benefits and discover how this innovative platform can transform your fan experience.

  • Put a face to the name: collect valuable data directly from fans and tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Talk directly with fans: engage with your fanbase on their preferred social networks via native platform chats, and drive revenue through targeted, real-time offerings.
  • Engage anytime, anywhere: power up fan activations wherever they are - at the stadium or in the comfort of their homes. Flexibility is key in today's digital world.
  • Add value for all: collaborate with sponsors to offer targeted activations that enhance the fan experience while generating revenue for your organisation. Easily send fans to your sponsors’ owned and operated platforms with every activation.
  • Create a limitless database: continuously grow your database by collecting information from both new fans and your existing loyal supporters and integrate the API with your CRM data platform for smooth workflows. The more you know, the better you can serve them.
  • Make data-driven decisions: personalise content, e-commerce, and viewing experiences based on the insights you gather. Scale your revenue by tailoring your offerings to meet the specific needs and desires of your audience.

Boost Engagement, Collect Valuable Data

How does Activation Engine work?

  • Create engaging experiences: select from one of more than 20 options for interactive activations that spark fan participation, write your questions and share the activation  across social media platforms.
  • Collect valuable insights: fans answer your engaging questions within the activations, providing you with valuable data while they have fun.
  • Drive action: seamlessly redirect fans to your desired destination after they complete an activation, like your merchandise store, ticket sales platform, or a relevant landing page.

Don't leave engagement on the bench. Activation Engine empowers you to go beyond simply understanding your fans. You can connect with them on a deeper level, transforming passive viewers into active participants. Ditch the anonymity and embrace meaningful engagement.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your fan base?

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