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Insights from Warrior Sports on the exclusive CHL competition and sponsorship platform

Fungai Alexander Mapondera
2 min read

Partnering with fast-growing sports properties that offer rich and diverse ecosystems, such as the Champions Hockey League (CHL), can open up incredible growth opportunities for brands. Matthias Wolf, Managing Director International of Warrior Sports, explains why its decision to become a long-term partner and Official Kit Supplier of Europe’s top ice hockey league, facilitated by Infront, has proven a tactical masterstroke.

What was the motivation for Warrior to partner with CHL as Official Kit Supplier?

For us, as Warrior, it was a huge opportunity to be part of this exclusive competition from the beginning. We loved the idea of being able to offer our proven team service expertise, on the one hand, and to market our products on the other hand. It was also a great ignition to launch our business plans for merchandise, such as jerseys and apparel, next to our hardware.

Why was it the right platform for you to expand in Europe?

When it comes to ice hockey, the CHL is the only league in Europe with outstanding, border-crossing exposure on a top level. We had already successfully serviced our direct branches in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria, as well as all of our distributors around Europe. So, it was the logical conclusion to channel those marketing activities and put everything under one roof.

How has the partnership helped to grow your business in Europe, and how does it if it into your overall strategy?

Since cooperating with the CHL, we have profited through strengthening our network and relationships with Europe’s most renowned hockey clubs, as well as contacts with other CHL sponsors, where we developed new, fruitful partnerships. In terms of sales, we can feel the value of this sponsorship when presenting our newest products on the ice and rink-side. As for the future, we are very optimistic that we can advance and strengthen our position in the market through this partnership.

What are the benefits of the exclusive partnership model for you?

This partnership gives us the chance to focus exclusively on the needs of all participating organisations, as well as our company goals. We keep up the communication to figure out any possible improvements on a daily basis, from a service and marketing perspective as well as on the product side. This is a true key driver for us.

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What future opportunities do you expect Warrior to tap into as a result of your partnership with CHL?

One of our long-term visions is to extend our distribution opportunities, especially in the digital sector. This partnership with the CHL gives us the flexibility to develop new marketing and sales tools together, such as our CHL web shop.

How would you describe the partnership activation, implementation and relationship with Infront? What have you found most useful and beneficial?

From the first minute on, we have enjoyed working with Infront. The communication with all the employees involved is strong, highly professional and has always been very constructive. We couldn’t think of a better partner.

What are your measurements for success for the CHL partnership? Have these been met so far?

Absolutely! As mentioned, there is a measurable value in terms of sales and marketing but, besides that, we are very proud to be recognised as the established equipment supplier for the CHL within the hockey scene, since its inception.

What are the top three recommendations you would give to potential CHL sponsors to make the most of their partnership?

  1. Consider the CHL as a competition with increasing attention and access to a lot of networks, which offers promising opportunities within Europe.
  2. Make use of Infront’s professional expertise to develop flexible marketing solutions, customised to your specific needs.
  3. Take your employees, go to a CHL game and enjoy the passionate and vibrant atmosphere!