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From game-changing platforms to engaging content, Infront is driving the digital revolution and helping every brand tell great stories.

Infront's fully independent digital subsidiary, (, helps brands reach, engage and monetise audiences by creating content and experiences that cater to their passions. Through collaborations and partnerships with digital innovators from around the world, we aim to transform – both strategically and creatively – how audiences experience content. bridges the gap between storytelling and technology, connecting businesses to an entirely new age of consumer that demands their content be presented differently. We leverage data-driven insights to create platforms and experiences that cater to audience passions, engaging them on their terms, all while empowering businesses to precisely monitor and measure ROI.

Infront Lab

To ensure our clients have access to the most innovative and novel solutions, Infront actively monitors and collaborates with leading start-up companies. Infront Lab is a strategic initiative to identify new monitisation avenues from evolving digital content formats and distribution models, such as esports or virtual and augmented reality.

By partnering with innovative start-ups with unique digital capabilities, we can offer and influence a broader range of products and technologies, while capturing new consumer groups from emerging sports.

Infront Lab. Tomorrow's innovation, Today.

Infront Lab brings you the latest cutting edge technology through our R&D facility. We create concepts and solve problems through tailor-made tools which have technological and business benefits. Where a technology already exists on the market, Infront Lab helps you to assess the suitability of that technology to address your challenges.



Our team of dedicated experts looks forward to discussing how Infront can help meet your business goals