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Top sports tech to embrace for content optimisation in 2020

Damian Browarnik
1 min read

The future of sport is being shaped by technology. The most successful sports organisations and events in 2020 will embrace innovation to deliver pioneering content and engagement tools that optimise production, spur monetisation and spark the imagination of fans.

What is the ‘must-have’ tech in the content market for 2020? We expect these six pioneering products to explode in popularity and light up the world’s top sports events.


FAN360 is a new product from Infront Lab's R&D facility. The software uses facial recognition technology whereby fans can receive and share professional photos of themselves in real time.
Early adopters: CHL


WSC Sports automated video

This AI-powered technology automates the rapid production of near-live, in-game video and bespoke highlights for social media platforms, accelerating and increasing the content available for sharing with fans. A chat bot also allows fans to request extra player and match highlights.
Early adopters: German Football Association (DFB), FIFA, European Handball Federation (EHF), International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)


The sport experience is nothing without the in-depth information that fans and athletes now demand from stats and infographics. DEEP uses AI-enabled software to create data-driven, text based infographics at lightening speeds, providing new levels of insight and engagement.
Early adopters: DFB, IIHF, Champions Hockey League (CHL)


Minute analyses video content to seek out peak moments in sport, using deep learning, artificial intelligence. Once these event-defining moments are identified, video teasers can be automatically produced and showcased direct on digital platforms, attracting more clicks and views.
Early adopters: EHF


The Antourage platform gives content creators, sports organisations and athletes all the vlogging and curation tools they need to engage with fans and simultaneously livestream video from a single device to multiple social media channels.
Early adopters: EHF


Through advanced video fingerprinting technology and search software, Videocities provides groundbreaking video tracking and analytics tools. This tech allows content owners to better understand their audiences’ needs, optimise revenue and, crucially, combat content piracy.
Early adopters: EHF, Serie A


Thanks to its AI image recognition software, Pomvom is transforming the way we create memories from sport - as well as the way these experiences can be monetised. The software scours official images produced during events, matches photos to faces and distributes the content direct to fans in real time.
Early adopters: CHL