Empower your fans: take control of your video content

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Are you a broadcaster or organisation looking to air your content in new territories? Or are you looking to share more unique content with fans everywhere? Maybe you just want to drive deeper connections with your fans?

Sports broadcasting presents both opportunities and challenges for broadcasters and sports organisations alike. While capturing the excitement of live events and delivering them to passionate fans remains paramount, the fight for control and engagement in the digital age becomes increasingly crucial. Stream Engine empowers broadcasters and sports organisations to own their video content and create lasting connections with fans.

Stream Engine goes beyond simply offering a platform to stream content. It allows broadcasters and sports organisations to reclaim ownership of their valuable video assets, removing the dependence on third-party platforms and the associated uncertainties. This shift enables them to foster a direct and engaging relationship with their fans, fostering a loyal community that thrives on the unique and authentic content they create.

Crafting personalised experiences fans crave

Beyond basic broadcasts, Stream Engine supports the creation of video experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. This includes offering live action, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, and localised content that keeps them engaged and returning for more.

Break free from the limitations of third-party platforms! Stream Engine lets broadcasters and sports organisations take full control of their video content. Unlike YouTube with its external regulations and ad placements, Stream Engine empowers you to own your content, choose sponsors that resonate with your fans, and craft targeted advertising that complements the viewing experience. This means complete autonomy, brand alignment, and a more engaging experience for your fans.

By prioritising direct and engaging fan interactions, you can cultivate a loyal community that thrives on unique content.

Seamless viewing, unmatched flexibility

Understanding the importance of convenience in the digital age, Stream Engine allows the creation of flexible viewing experiences. Fans are granted the flexibility to watch their favourite content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This eliminates barriers and ensures a seamless viewing experience that keeps audiences engaged and satisfied.

Unlocking revenue streams and maximising value

Stream Engine unlocks the full potential of content with diverse monetisation options. Broadcasters and sports organisations can choose from flexible advertising modules, gated content, or subscription offerings to find the perfect fit for their brand. This maximises revenue while giving fans the freedom to watch in their preferred way.

Expressing brand identity and standing out

Acknowledging the unique nature of each brand, Stream Engine offers effortless customisation features. Sports streams can be perfectly aligned with brand identity without coding expertise. Stand out from the crowd and forge deeper connections with fans. OTT allows broadcasters and sports organisations to personalise the experience with your unique brand identity – logos, colours, sponsors, and customised communication in multiple languages – making every interaction resonate with audiences.

Data-driven insights for continuous improvement

Understanding the audience is crucial for success. Stream Engine provides valuable insights into viewing habits, allowing broadcasters and sports organisations to refine their content strategy and enhance fan experiences - this includes allowing them to add their own logos, brand colours, sponsors, and languages among others.. By staying informed about audience preferences, content that resonates can be delivered, making sure fans are engaged and satisfying their hunger for content.

Endless Possibilities await

Stream Engine unlocks a world of possibilities for crafting captivating video experiences. Here's a glimpse of what sets it apart:

  • Effortless content management: stream, upload, and manage content with ease using the user-friendly CMS.
  • Dynamic engagement: engage audiences with interactive features like timelines and social media feeds.
  • Seamless customisation: tailor the video player design and content organisation to seamlessly match brand identity.
  • Widespread distribution: reach new audiences and monetisation opportunities by embedding video players on partner channels.
  • Granular control: target specific markets with geo-specific content while controlling access for viewers in other regions.
  • Instant live-to-vod: make on-demand content available instantly after live streams, keeping audiences engaged.
  • Scalable app integrations: meet fans where they are by offering native apps and Smart TV compatibility.

With Stream Engine, broadcasters and sports organisations are not just streaming video; they are crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate their audience and elevate their brand.

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