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Embracing change: Infront Italy’s Alessandro Giacomini discusses the digital evolution in sports marketing

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As the digital landscape continues to reshape the sporting world, Infront remains at the forefront, innovating within the revolution that is modern sports marketing. Alessandro Giacomini, CEO of Infront Italy, recently discussed this transformation with the Social Football Summit, offering insights into the company's journey through digital change and the pandemic's commercial impact on Italian football.

Infront's proactive strategy focused on digital avenues to maintain robust communication channels. The company's expertise in digital format creation and commercial strategy adaptation has been crucial in weathering the storm. Giacomini also spoke of the current landscape, where digital engagement and measurable returns have become the norm, reflecting a significant paradigm shift from previous investment and advertising models.

The industry requires future professionals to be observant, curious, and digitally savvy. The collaboration with partners like Udinese and Lega Basket Serie A demonstrates Infront's commitment to these principles, engaging local and national audiences across Italy.

In addition to these tech advancements, another critical area where Infront is leading the charge is the impact of sports technology on rights holders. A deep dive into this subject reveals the potential of technologies like AI, data analytics, and OTT platforms to revolutionise how sports are played, watched, and experienced. There are many ways these technologies are creating new opportunities for rights holders to understand and engage with their audiences like never before.

For a more detailed perspective on how Infront is shaping the future of sports marketing and technology, you can read the complete interview with Alessandro Giacomini here and explore the impact of sports technology on rights holders on the Infront blog here.