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Infront unveils complete digital solution with Engines 365

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Unified software as a service suite to revolutionise fan engagement and maximise revenue streams

Zug, Switzerland / Tel Aviv, Israel - Infront has announced the launch of Engines 365, a digital product suite developed specifically for sports organisations to help them improve fan experiences and monetise digital efforts through automated-driven software solutions.

The products have been built and designed by Infront Lab, the innovation arm of Infront. They are a culmination of bringing together the competencies and services of several companies acquired by Infront, including Pico and Twizted Design. It marks the latest stage of Infront Lab’s journey since being established in 2018.


It is also a significant step in the strategy of Infront’s Media, Betting & Technology unit, which aims to bring together the best competencies from across the business, leveraging them to provide full-service solutions for partners. The launch of the products will allow the business to build on its offering for new and existing clients, providing seamless links between rights, technology and data.

Engines 365 comprises five core products: Stream Engine, Activation Engine, Content Engine, Insight Engine and Template Engine, each designed to address distinct needs in the market, including streaming, sports content, data and analytics, gamified experienced, and broadcast designs.

Stream Engine: Own your video, control your destiny

Stream Engine introduces a custom-built OTT solution, enabling sports organisations to expand into previously untapped markets and offer unique, community-focused viewing experiences.

Activation Engine: Turn engagement into insights

Activation Engine capitalises on fan engagement by offering short, fun activations that collect valuable data and boost social interaction, enhancing sponsorship and profitability.

Content Engine: Content made smart, social strategy made simple

Content Engine streamlines the complexities of social media strategy by offering automated, AI-generated content and centralised analytics, allowing organisations to reach more fans efficiently.

Insight Engine: Turning data into decisions

Insight Engine transforms raw data into actionable insights through easy-to-understand dashboards, aiding in effective, data-driven campaign planning and execution.

Template Engine: Design made easy, creativity unleashed

Template Engine revolutionises design workflows by converting After Effects projects into online templates, thereby liberating designers and fostering creativity.

Over the past year, early adopters of the Engines 365 suite have seen significant upticks in fan engagement, digital presence, and revenue streams. Most recently the products helped cricket’s Indian Premier League club Lucknow Super Giants utilise Activation Engine to gather data from thousands of fans during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. Sweden’s Handbollsligan has also benefitted from the use of the full product suite, substantially increasing its reach for both its men’s and women’s league across Facebook and Instagram.

Damian Browarnik, Managing Director, Infront Lab, said: "Media rights owners of all tiers and all types of organisations now have a chance to be active participant when it comes to engaging sports fans. By productizing rights and leveraging them via the Engines 365 products - whether it's with streaming, content production or engaging ways of collecting fan data - we're helping rights owners become a bigger, more significant part of the game and ramp up their content automation capabilities."

Infront Lab has grown significantly over the last year and a half, driven by its transformation into a developer of technology. Headquartered in Tel Aviv and with offices in Zug, Milan, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm and New York, Infront Lab now has a staff of more than 50, with in-house R&D and product teams dedicated to the Engines 365 suite.

The Group's Media, Betting & Technology unit is led by Amikam Kranz as Senior Vice President.