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Statement on Infront’s cooperation with the DFB

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During several confidential top-level meetings, Infront and the DFB have discussed the allegations, wherein agreement was not shared on all evaluated issues. Infront regrets that the DFB has been given the impression of unfair business practices. The current business relations have been terminated by mutual agreement and the resulting financial obligations have been settled. With immediate effect, the DFB will market the DFB Cup itself. Should the DFB decide at a later date to put the marketing rights out to public tender again, this tender will be open to all market participants, including Infront.

The DFB and Infront can look back on nearly 40 years of successful cooperation, during which the rights of the DFB were jointly developed and continuously enhanced, resulting in increased revenues for the DFB. The DFB thanks Infront for this work. Infront would like to thank the DFB for the trust it has placed in us over the years. Both parties wish each other well for the future.

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