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Six milestones that changed perimeter board advertising

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Let's go back and take a look at six milestones that have made perimeter board advertising an enduring and profitable marketing solution:

1966 – Invention of perimeter board advertising by Infront predecessor

DSC_7932 (004)For the first time printed commercial perimeter board advertising was introduced by Cesar W. Lüthi at the 1966 World Rowing Championships, leading to the foundation of CWL, an Infront predecessor.

1993 – The first major evolution: Rotating boards

At the very first DFB charity match in 1993, CWL introduced the game-changing evolution in perimeter boards: the remote-controlled electronic rotating boards. This was a real milestone as it allowed the display of multiple messages during the same match.

1998 – Further Innovation: Cam carpets

In 1998 the first cam carpets were introduced in a Bundesliga stadium (FC Schalke 04). For the first time, brands could effectively reach an audience inside the stadium and benefit from increased revenue potential.

2010 – The next game changing evolution: LED perimeter boards

Ensuring highest quality for our clients, Infront introduced LED perimeter boards in 2010 to offer greater flexibility and enhanced effects on TV. LED systems provide clear-cut, colour-fast overall picture regardless of the camera position or weather conditions.

2015 – Innovation is key: LED press conference back wall for a single match

In 2015, we introduced a high resolution, studio quality LED press conference back wall at the DFB Cup Final in Berlin – set up for just one event. The digital version can offer additional activation opportunities for sponsors and partners.

2019 – Constantly aiming for the latest in innovation: LED PowerPacks at a DFB match

In 2019 Infront used part of an existing LED installation at a German national team home match to produce the first LED PowerPacks at a national team match. The two levels of board space multiplies the TV presence area for the respective sponsors by synchronising the content output of LED perimeter board 1st row (Infront) and 2nd row (stadium).



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