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Behind the scenes: Using production to bring the ACEA Run Rome The Marathon 2024 to life

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For the ACEA Run Rome The Marathon 2024, the real race happened behind the scenes. Infront Productions was at the helm, blending best-of-breed broadcast methods with storytelling to transform how viewers could experience one of the world’s most scenic marathons. This year, the innovation wasn't just in the race, but in how the story of Rome and its runners was told to the world.

The multifaceted team effort

The broad spectrum of skills involved in the team's work was central to bringing an event like this together according to Alessandro Lonati, Director at Infront Productions.

"We encompass live production, content and technical services. For the Rome Marathon, we were engaged in all these areas, starting with the live event production, moving on to content filmed on-site, edited in the Milan Hub, and used live."

But there was one change that set this year's televised event format apart from previous editions according to Giacomo Betti, Head of Football and Summer Sports at Infront Productions Italy.

"The one-hour format was this year's real innovation. The marathon was not broadcasted entirely live. Our product included, in the first part, technical information about the course, the runners and highlights summarising the start and initial phases of the marathon. We then transitioned to live coverage, interspersing it with clips we recorded in the days leading up to the marathon, showcasing the monuments along the course."

This blend in storytelling offered viewers a unique and engaging experience, capturing the magic and beauty of Rome through its iconic symbols intertwined with an engaging race.


Technical mastery behind the scenes

Luigi Catalfamo, the event's director, had a wealth of options when it came to bringing the race to life, with coverage from multiple areas along the course. "This year's marathon route included 11 cameras, including a helicopter, three stabilised cameras, a quad and a drone, making this Marathon truly special, involving 51 professionals from Infront Productions on-site."

This arsenal of tools ensured that every significant moment of the race and the city itself was captured with utmost precision and visual beauty, offering viewers a dynamic experience, as if running step by step alongside the marathoners.

Moreover, to give viewers an additional perspective on the behind-the-scenes of this extraordinary event, the team at Infront Productions created a backstage video. This video provided an exclusive and engaging look at all the stages of preparation and realisation of ACEA Run Rome The Marathon 2024.

The creativity and innovation meant that both the technical realisation of the event was possible alongside a unique experience for athletes, tourists and viewers worldwide. The synergy of diverse skills and meticulous planning exemplifies how teamwork can elevate an event from good to legendary, reaffirming the notion that success in large-scale events like the Rome Marathon is indeed a collective achievement.