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Women's sports: An unparalleled sponsorship opportunity


5 Reasons to invest in Women's Sports

1. It's a way to become part of the change and help create equity

Investing in women’s sports is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to gender equality and social change. As specialists in sports marketing, we understand the power of these investments to transform perceptions and inspire action. Join us in pushing for a more equitable sports world. 

2. They are becoming more attractive for viewers and have huge potential for further rapid growth

From record-breaking attendance at events to increased media coverage, the momentum is undeniable.

3. People are more likely to favour a brand that sponsors a women’s sport

People are more likely to favor a brand that sponsors women's sports, with 84% of general sports fans interested in women's sports, and women, who often have household purchasing power, being particularly supportive of these sponsors.

4. Audiences are already noticing the increase in women’s sports sponsorship 

Over a third of people in Europe have noticed that sponsorship for women’s sports has improved in the past five years.

5. Women’s sport is currently delivering a superior return on investment

Sponsorship packages in women's sport are substantially more accessible for a wider scope of brands.

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