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Infront steps-up tech offering through Pico Get Personal acquisition

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Israeli-based sports tech company provides unique experiences connecting brands to fan data

Zug, Switzerland/Tel Aviv, Israel – Infront has acquired Pico Get Personal, a sports technology company that helps rightholders to gather, manage and own zero- and first-party audience data to customise marketing. It marks the latest step in Infront’s growth in the space.Pico, founded in 2014, helps companies communicate and better understand their audiences. It pairs content with fun activations, capturing first-party data and individual preferences. Brands or rightsholders can then use those insights to create personalised marketing. Some of the world’s top sports teams and brands currently use the technology. These include some of the world’s biggest names in sports and CPG.

It will fall under the organisation’s innovation arm, Infront Lab. Infront will use Pico's technology to help rightsholders and brands learn more about their audience, contributing to more tailored solutions for marketing and providing a better experience for fans.

Asaf Nevo, CEO of Pico Get Personal, said: “We have been working with Infront for many years now, making this new chapter a very natural step in our growth. The sports industry has made a push in recent years into tech and data, with Pico playing a major part in that. By joining one of the biggest players in this market we will be able to provide our services at a much bigger scale.”

Damian Browarnik, Managing Director of Infront Lab said: “This acquisition forms part of Infront’s strategy to become the world's leading technology provider for sport. Our ability to tap into Pico's strong data management is another sign of us growing our offering. We can now provide an extra level of service for our partners and build on the broad roster of technology products we currently have access to.”

Infront Lab has become a leader in sports technology solutions for Infront’s clients since its establishment in 2019. Its collaborations with start-ups such as automated video specialists WSC Sports, artificial intelligence (AI) video-tracking firm Videocites and AI-driven video enhancement company have broadened its service offering.

About Pico Get Personal

Pico, founded in 2014 by Asaf Nevo, Aviv Paz and Roi Mozer, is a data-driven fan marketing platform helping major league teams, Esports, brands, and organisations turn digital engagement into valuable zero-party data. Pico's data capture technology creates an opportunity for targeted and personalised marketing and fan experiences.

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