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Digital at the heart of FIBA and Tissots expanded five year partnership

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FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, and Tissot, a leading Swiss watch manufacturer from the Swatch Group, have indicated that an increased involvement in digital is at the heart of a renewed five-year partnership which sees them enter international basketball's new era together.

The new partnership was brokered by FIBA Marketing, an innovative strategic partnership between FIBA and Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company.

Under the agreement - in place until 2021 - Tissot's presence across FIBA's digital assets will be significantly heightened and the brand will serve as Presenting Partner for mobile apps devised for basketball's world governing body's premier properties.

Additionally, Tissot will present the newly-created Buzzer Beater clips featuring the most spectacular baskets scored at the buzzer during FIBA competitions, which are available to fans across FIBA digital platforms.

It will also supply the new Tissot Timing & Scoring system - which includes innovative shot clocks, as featured in the NBA - for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

Through its Swatch Group sister company Swiss Timing, Tissot will continue to deliver both timing and scoring services for FIBA's leading properties including the first-ever 32-team edition of its flagship competition in China, as well as the 2017 and 2021 editions of FIBA EuroBasket. It will also provide live results services on official FIBA competitions websites.

Tissot will enjoy extensive visibility around the court as well as on TV, thanks to on-screen credits displayed in connection with scores, data and statistics of games at all FIBA competitions.

As Presenter of the MVP - the Most Valuable Player - for respective competitions, Tissot will also activate exclusive sporting-related assets by offering engraved watches as awards to the best players.

FIBA Secretary General and International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member Patrick Baumann said: "Our partnership with Tissot has delivered great benefits over the years. In part that is because of the similarities we share: both FIBA and Tissot are based in Switzerland and both have strong global ambitions. After nearly a decade together, we consider Tissot to be more than a partner. They are a part of the FIBA family. We look forward to having Tissot at our side as we enter this new era in our sport and work so that basketball can get the most out of our expansion in digital technology."

Tissot President François Thiébaud said: "We are not only proud to continue our partnership with FIBA, but also to share sporting values together as we do with the other sports we are committed to, with our commitment to basketball going back to 2008 and reinforced by our partnership with the NBA since 2015. Basketball is not just a great sport with a global appeal, it is a sport where the players provide a lot of emotion that can be shared by the fans. Thanks to FIBA for serving the highest level of basketball and to the players and fans for the enjoyment we will share in the coming years."

As part of the agreement, Tissot is a designated FIBA Partner - FIBA's premium tier of global partnership - and as such is granted exclusive rights in the product category of watches, clocks and timing/scoring system services across all of FIBA's international competitions. This includes the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 and its Qualifiers, the FIBA Continental Cups (Men and Women) 2017 and 2021, the FIBA Continental Cups 2021 Qualifiers, the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018, the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments (Men and Women) 2020 and the FIBA U17/U19 Basketball World Cups (Men and Women).