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Infront's Amikam Kranz discusses media rights in a COVID 19 world

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Zug, Switzerland – Infront Vice President of Media Sales and Operations Amikam Kranz spoke to CNN Money Switzerland on Thursday outlining how the media rights industry is reacting to COVID 19. Here is what he had to say.

On the long-term impact of COVID 19 on sports broadcasting

"If you switch on your television [having live sport available] is how we have grown up. Younger generations are used to having sports delivered via many channels including social media. It would be wrong to say the industry has not been affected.

"It is having a big impact but if it does not take too long to return to normal, the industry will be fine. It is just a question of how and when we will return to normal that is a little bit up in the air."

On managing rights holders and broadcast partners

"Generally, it is very clear in each the contract. If an event is cancelled we do not get money from broadcasters and we do not pay our rights holder. However, there is more to it than that.

"First of all, there is a difference between the cancellation of a major event or a handful of races in a season. How do you value those races in comparison to a whole season? Even when you have something in black and white you must keep in mind that you have partners on both the broadcaster side and on the rights holder side. There will always be discussions no matter how clear the contracts are, The aim is to make these discussions amicable despite how clear the contracts are. You want to make sure that all partners are happy and that everyone comes out satisfied and we can look into a future where we all are safe and robust."

On when sports broadcasting could see a return to normality

"I hope that by May or June we will see positive movement again. I think that is what everyone hopes. The good thing on the broadcasting side is that it will pick up very quickly. As soon as there is live content people will be happy to re-subscribe if they have cancelled their subscriptions. Once we return to our normal professional lives I expect sports broadcasting will pick up quickly."