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Asian Premier Marathons successfully kicks off in Beijing

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Beijing, China – Asian Premier Marathons (APM), the world’s first ever continental marathon event league, made its debut this weekend as the inaugural APM season kicked off in Beijing with 30,000 participants.

As a shareholder and operator of APM, Infront China handles marketing and communications, including the commercialisation of sponsorship opportunities among the member events under the leadership and support of the Asian Athletics Association (AAA).

Impressive from the start

Since the official launch ceremony on 21 July, APM has attracted significant attention across Asia – from marathon organising committees of major Asian cities, elite Asian athletes and amateur marathoners. This was also reflected online: Following the launch of the APM website ( and the official accounts on Twitter (, Weibo ( and WeChat, the league enjoyed great interest, reflecting the desire of athletes to run outside the nation and measure themselves against other Asian athletes.

As the world’s only continental marathon league, APM will integrate the regional marathon results of APM member events to create a continental ranking. This will allow participants from Beijing, Beirut and Seoul Marathon to compare themselves with others athletes across the continent.

Wu Hongtao, Head of APM at Infront China, said: “In order to create a continental marathon league, we need to overcome a great deal of regional differences, which is also the unique and unparalleled beauty of APM. Having joined the league, Beijing can take advantage of the platform to not only enhance internationalisation for themselves but to also demonstrate the powerful strength and appeal of Chinese marathons to the world as well.”

About Asian Premier Marathons

As the first ever continental marathon league in the world, Asian Premier Marathons (APM) is jointly established by Beijing Marathon, Beirut Marathon, Seoul Marathon and Infront China under the leadership of Asian Athletics Association (AAA). The new league aims to raise the competition level and international appeal of marathon events in Asia as well as attract more high-level Asian athletes to participate in top-tier APM events. The inaugural 2017/18 season of the APM series has started with Beijing Marathon, followed by Beirut Marathon 2017 and Seoul Marathon 2018, and finish with Beijing Marathon 2018. For more information, please visit APM’s website