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Ten years of pioneering the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

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The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON stands as a hallmark in the global running calendar and is one of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors. It’s also the world’s fastest marathon and a race that runners and fans alike mark on their calendars each year.

Our story with Berlin began in 2013 and we are lucky to have been part of transforming not just the way the race is broadcast, but also how it's experienced. These are a few of the milestones.

The fastest runners through the fastest production

Over the past decade, we've been at the forefront of capturing moments that have gone down in history. These include four separate men’s world records, most recently Eliud Kipchoge's astonishing 2:01:09 performance in 2022 as well as Tigist Assefa’s obliteration of the women’s record in 2023, taking two minutes off with a 2:11:53. These moments aren't just statistics; they're a testament to human endeavour, and we've been there to document them.

That was the case in 2019, when we conducted a 5G test on a public 5G network, a first ever in continental Europe. Whilst cellular bonding technology was already used in news as well as sports broadcasting, the 5G networks were still very patchy and off-the-shelf 5G was not readily available. Now four years later, such set-ups are used on many occasions for a more sustainable and streamlined production. Aside from a significant improvement in broadcast operation resources, the test illustrated how cellular bonding technology over 5G could also expand the use of remote production, reducing the amount of broadcast personnel required on-site.

The use of a cable camera along the final stretch of the course, offering breath-taking aerial perspectives, and our 'world record line' graphic – used in 2022 – were two more innovations we introduced to the race, making it easy for viewers to track the record-breaking runs Berlin is famous for.

Adapting to challenges

The cancellation of the 2020 edition due to COVID-19 could have been a setback. Instead, it became an opportunity for innovation. Being a part of the virtual race, uniting runners worldwide and underscoring our adaptability for commercial partners was vital. Even in the face of disruptions, our commitment to innovation has never wavered.

A decade on, Infront is more than just a partner to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Infront Productions' ground-breaking broadcasts, meticulous production and ability to adapt have become synonymous with what makes Berlin a world-class sporting event. As we look ahead, we're excited to see what the future and shape it further.

IMAGE: ©SCC EVENTS/Jean-Marc Wiesner