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Elevating the CEV EuroVolley viewing experience: A decade of broadcast evolution

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For over a decade, Infront has proudly stood at the broadcasting helm of Europe’s thrilling CEV EuroVolley. In 2005, Infront began working with the CEV on the European Championship, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. By 2011 it was a case of capturing the essence of volleyball and delivering it with clarity to fans everywhere. However, innovations in broadcast technology have seen the production of the event improve each edition.

Our evolutionary leap from 2011 to 2023

The growth and scale of our involvement can be seen in the partnerships Infront has forged also. In 2005 there were 14 broadcasters on board, broadcasting to roughly 20 countries. In contrast, this year's EuroVolley boasts involvement from 40 broadcasters, reaching an astonishing 100 countries.

"When we first started our setup consisted of five or six cameras,” says Giacomo Betti, Head of Football and Summer Sports at Infront Productions Italy. “Fast forward to 2023, and the transformation is staggering. Our dedication to offering fans an immersive experience has led us to deploy 19 specialised cameras for the finals of the main competitions."

"The dynamic aerial shots provided by the Cable Cam, coupled with the refreshing perspectives from our Jimmy Jib, have changed the way fans experience the game. The thrill of volleyball now comes alive even more vividly with our enhanced super slow-motion replays, capturing every pulsating moment of the action."

But it's not just about the court. "To truly showcase the grandeur of the event, we've incorporated drone footage,” Giacomo adds. “These aerial views offer breathtaking visuals of the arena, setting the stage and amplifying the anticipation before every match."

Innovation driving engagement

Quality is the cornerstone of our broadcasts, and the relentless pursuit of perfection has seen EuroVolley embrace super slow-motion technology and the most advanced camera solutions. The outcome? A broadcast quality that stands shoulder to shoulder with global sporting spectacles.

Another leap in our broadcasting evolution centers around harnessing technology to delve deeper into the game's nuances. Volleyball is intrinsically a game rich in data, where player positioning is paramount to its understanding. Augmented Reality (AR) has opened an innovative avenue for us, allowing viewers to assimilate this data in an intuitive and engaging manner.


"The digital age has ushered in a wealth of opportunities to engage with fans beyond traditional broadcasts," notes Giacomo. "Our collaboration with CEV is helping us diversify content. From exclusive behind-the-scenes insights to candid athlete interactions and riveting pre-match build-ups, we're pioneering a digital-first approach to volleyball broadcasting."

“CEV EuroVolley 2023 is more than just a sports event. It's a tale of passion, technology, and evolution," concludes Giacomo. "We're not just broadcasting a game; we're crafting an experience."