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Reaching new fans with hyper casual gaming

    The Covid-19 Pandemic forced many sports organisations to rethink their strategies over the last two years, opening the door for new ways of engaging fans, appealing to new audiences and monetisin...

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The Savannah Bananas: using innovative thinking to make sports fun

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Going big, then small: why Playermaker started with the stars


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4 things that altered sports broadcasting, according to a longtime NBA broadcaster

Marc Zumoff, longtime play-by-play announcer of the Philadelphia 76ers, shares his insights on the changes he experienced while covering the NBA team.  Broadcasting is not what it once was. Sports are...

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Improve fan experiences by getting to know fans, for real

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Women of Infront Share Their Thoughts on the Industry

Women are starting to take a more central role in sports, from the courts to the boardroom. In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked some of our female colleagues to share their advice, challen...

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The sports social media checklist in the Content X era

Sports are fast-paced, exciting, and there’s always some action going on. This is one reason why people are drawn to sports in the first place. This is true both for fans and for social media managers...

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The positive effects of COVID-19 on the sports world

David Dellea is the Head of Sports Business Advisory at PwC. During the summer of 2020, PwC released their survey, “Sports industry: system rebooting.” Dellea chatted with Infront Lab about topics cov...

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Understanding the threats the Deep and Dark Web pose to the sports world

Below the surface of the internet we’ve learned to be so dependent on, known as the Clear Web, lies a realm foreign to many of us. While we may have heard of the Deep and Dark Web, we may not be well ...

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The growing importance of cybersecurity in sports

Three months ago, on a Friday evening in late November, Manchester United, one of the world’s most valuable football clubs, announced it was the victim of a cyber attack.