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Tour de Suisse - Logo Development

By closely examining Swiss culture, cycling attributes and event structure, Infront Sports & Media developed an iconic logo and brand identity for the 2015 Tour de Suisse.

Creative, inspired approach

For the 2015 edition of the Tour de Suisse, Infront was challenged to create a logo that was simple yet derived from the Swiss flag, a checked racing flag, and a cyclist on his bicycle. Following an intense and structured research process  graphic elements were inspired by the winding mountain roads of Switzerland.



Comprehensive design and implementation

After a collaborative process of several months, the final result was a unique Swiss-red logo that calls to mind a cyclist hunched over his bike, zooming to the finish line. A comprehensive set of guidelines was created, depicting the numerous implementation options: merchandise, athlete tricots, signage, automobile, digital, etc. The logo truly captured the essence of the event.


  • A logo that was  easily identifiable and holds a logical connection to the sport
  • Graphic elements and trophy, inspired by Swiss cycling culture
  • A consistent and powerful brand identity to unite the two week road race
  • A full set of design elements with guidelines for use on multiple platforms

Tour de Suisse - Logo Development