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Cooly - Mascot Development

As official mascot for the 2009 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and also an ambassador for the 2014 European Athletics Championship, Cooly the cow has proved his power to bring sporting events alive.

From mascot to cult icon

Cooly was first created for the 2009 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Bern and Kloten. Representing the traditional values of Switzerland - good humour, sportiness and sportsmanship, a love of nature, quality and tradition, he is the result of Infront’s dedicated Creative Services team. His name was selected through a contest participated in by more than 3,200 ice hockey fans. Transcending his initial purpose and proving his popularity as a Swiss cult icon, Cooly was chosen several years later to serve as an ambassador for the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich. He will continue to entertain sports fans, as Weltklasse Zürich has secured the rights to use him as a mascot until 2017.

Injecting life and enthusiasm to events

A mascot must be a personification of the event – literally being able to physically run, roll-over and dance without impediment – but also truly express itself and make fans laugh and empathise with him. During the Athletics Championship, Cooly entertained the audience by performing many dances and participating in several events, such as the 110-meter hurdles and high jump. With extensive media coverage around the world, Cooly definitely became a crowd favourite and media star – BBC poised the question “Is Cooly Cow the best mascot ever?”


  • Cooly’s popularity as a mascot, led to his reuse at multiple Swiss sporting events
  • Cooly amassed nearly 14,000 Facebook “likes” and numerous YouTube videos dedicated to his antics
  • A merchandising element took the form of Cooly mugs, keychains and toy cow, which continued to sell out at local retailers

Cooly - Mascot Development