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WCF and 361 sponsorship

Infront secured a sponsorship commitment for the WCF with top Chinese sports apparel brand 361°. Never before had a Chinese sports apparel brand become the clothing sponsor of an Olympic winter sports federation.

A Gateway to new markets

Covering the full schedule of international WCF events in the 2010/11 to 2013/14 period, the Chinese company became Official Partner and Equipment Provider for the international governing body, the World Curling Federation (WCF), as well as for the Swedish Curling Association (SCA). The contract with 361° included a wide range of rights over a four-year period with product category exclusivity.

A win-win situation for sport & brand

The commitment of 361° to international curling was a great result for Infront, proving the success of its efforts in connecting the Asian and the European markets and in providing its partners with tailor-made sponsorship opportunities. The sport of curling has drastically grown in popularity in China as well as internationally. The agreement for the brand with the WCF and the SCA provided them with a perfect platform to communicate sales messages both domestically and internationally.


  • A milestone was set for curling and for other winter sports. The agreement acknowledged the trend towards a globalised sports market
  • The 361° brand associated itself with a popular sport, the WCF and SCA benefitted from a well-established partner
  • The WCF was able to capitalise on their resulting presence in both Europe and China

WCF and 361 sponsorship