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Vierschanzentournee re-branding

Vierschanzentournee, Ski jumping’s greatest annual event, consists of four jumps, two in Germany and two in Austria that bring together the sport’s greatest athletes. Infront took three major measures to enhance the premium character and value for sponsors of the prestigious event.

A historic event, an exciting future

Full of tradition and impressive status, Vierschanzentournee required an image upgrade so as to visually resemble the status of the series - as a top international event. In turn, this would make it easier for sponsors to associate their products and services – creating a unified series that had a single identity.

More sponsor exclusivity, leading to higher media value and stronger impact

A consistent new visual identity for all four component events was developed to allow sponsors to associate their products and services more effectively. A new logo was designed to represent the dynamic, athletic, elegant characteristics with the graphic identity omnipresent throughout the single events. Amongst other design enhancements, two kilometres of boards in the new Four Hills design were installed - contributing to the high recognition and value of the series. Each event was given a dedicated colour version of the new logo, combining unity with a degree of individuality. State-of-the-art LED advertising board systems were used to achieve ideal sponsor visibility in all weather conditions. Finally, sponsor partners were reduced from nine to five– providing higher value through greater exclusivity.


  • Powerful branding opportunities reached out to a highly targeted audience
  • The new brand character enhanced the premium character of the series and its value for sponsors
  • The Vierschanzentournee is now more widely covered and popular than ever

Vierschanzentournee re-branding